Almost finished with the revisions

YES!!!!! I am almost finished with the revisions for book two.

I worked like a mad woman on Monday and Tuesday to finish those pain in the rear revisions, and now I’ve only got one or two more chapters to go. Then I can get back writing the story.

It’s crazy before the revisions I was five chapters in I believe and now I’m nine chapters in at 198 pages and I’m only halfway through the story. I am so happy to say that Jenny Mac and the Forest Pass is going to be a novel.

My first novel YAY 🙂

I wonder if Jenny Mac is going to kinda be like the Harry Potter series the books will just get thicker and thicker with each book. 😉



6 thoughts on “Almost finished with the revisions

  1. Oooohhhh revisions! I do understand. I was shocked the first time I went to fix the things that got flagged…and ended up with whole new chapters as a result! Gotta love it though. 🙂 Go you!!!


  2. Make sure you’re paying attention to word count rather than page numbers! Page numbers vary with font/spacing/margin choices, but word count doesn’t, and all publishers judge by word count, not amount of pages.


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