Todays agenda

9:30 Wake up to the sound of my sister’s dog barking in the apartment below. Doze off until 9:40; because of a rocky night’s sleep.

10:00 Get up, check email, eat breakfast, get dressed; while trying to think of a blog post… No ideas

11:00 Make the mistake of checking Facebook before going to WordPress. Talk to a friend about an up coming Birthday. Get lost in updates from friends over the weekend. I probably should’ve checked Facebook last.

11:30 Login to WordPress check notifications, write back to comments from readers. Go to write a new post. Sit and stare at the blank page for a few minutes. Come up with an idea of what my day has been like so far; then write about everything else I’m hoping to accomplish today.

After the blog post research more editors and shot them emails. Hope to hear back.

Work on book two and finish those revisions I started months ago.

Check email to see if I’ve heard back from an editor.

Take care of my dogs.

Make good on promise that I’d help my mother out with her front and backyard. Oh why did I say I’d help?!

Make dinner.

Work on book two some more.

Check email.

Check blog for any notifications.

Read blogs that I haven’t been reading lately and need to catch up on.

10:00pm watch tv before going to bed.

11:00pm If I haven’t already fallen asleep on my couch go to sleep.


8 thoughts on “Todays agenda

  1. when I first began sending out editor/agent queries, I checked for responses every ten seconds as if the faster I opened them, the more positive the response. I quickly found out that’s not the way it works! does give you hope though!


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