It’s Friday (Spoof)

Hey all,

It’s Friday the weekend is; well almost here.

You know it’s probably 5 o’ clock somewhere and I’ll bet 90% of you plan on heading to the bar for a drink, or two after a long week.

Or perhaps you plan on going to the gym so that you can say “Well I worked out on Friday, so I’m good until Monday. Of course if you’re a member of the gym I go to it’ll go something like this “Okay I’m going to be good and get my workout in.”

Two hours later.

“Okay I worked out I’m feeling good; now it’s off to the bar that’s conveniently located in my health club.”

Yep ladies and gentlemen the fitness center I go to actually has a bar in it. I know it shocked me too.

When I signed up the receptionist gave me forms to fill out and a strawberry margarita.

Now that’s my kind of health club 😉

Anyway it’s the weekend and for some of you your weekend will involve partying, drinking, puking, and waking up on Sunday morning with your head in the toilet with absolutely no recollection of what you did, or how you wound up wearing your best friends toga.

Then for whatever reason you’ll say “that was the best weekend ever.” Even though you can’t remember it.

Well that’s my weekend spoof I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy TGIF


8 thoughts on “It’s Friday (Spoof)

    1. Maybe you would if you woke up in your best friends toga. It would be interesting if you did go to the gym and had no recollection of it. It would be really interesting. I’ll bet it would go something like this. You wake up in the morning and look at your stomach and say “Hey when did I get sick pack abs.?”


  1. Lol, well in my mind people call me The Adonis already, although that is a lie of course. If my best friend is a woman would that make me a cross dresser, or are togas unisex?


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