Chelsea’s Failed RMV Visit

Today I had to make a visit to the RMV because my learns permit expired last week.

I decided to go to the RMV in Southbridge; because the RMV in Worcester is crazy at all hours of the day. Where as the one located in Southbridge is nowhere near as crazy.

I was wrong, they were swamped. Ugh!!!

After waiting in line for a half an hour, and filling out paperwork. I found out that I needed my Social Security card and proof of residency because I forgot about the fact that I’d changed addresses since I got the learners permit two years back.

So they sent me away until I could get a piece of mail. Unfortunately since I decided to go to the RMV in Southbridge instead of Worcester I’m going to have to go back on Monday.

I swear the RMV’s and DMV’s should have a big sign outside with a list of things you need; that way you won’t waste your time and theirs.

Stupid mean and nasty RMV employees.

I wonder when you apply for a position at the RMV if they require for you to be a total jerk off?


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