Procrastination: A short comedy (Not really)

12:00 PM

I sit down at the computer; crack my knuckles and say “What should I write about today?”

I sit there for fifteen minutes staring at a blank page watching the cursor blink.

Then I say “I’m bored; think I’ll listen to some music.”

1:30 PM

After dancing around the room listening to Lady GaGa I look at the computer’s clock. “Dang I was only going to listen to two songs at the very most. Crap!”

Then I think “Hmm maybe I should write a song, but in order to do so I’ll have to listen to more music.”

3:30 PM

I come back to the computer and have completely forgotten what I set out to do. So then I start to watch YouTube videos of cats doing crazy things.


I close the YouTube window and see that I’m still logged in to “Oh yeah I was supposed to write a post.”


“Damn I can’t think of anything.”

A lightbulb goes off over my head.

“I know I’ll just write about my procrastination and make into some stupid short comedy. That ought to get a few views.”

10:30 PM

No likes, no views, no comments; just silence.



12 thoughts on “Procrastination: A short comedy (Not really)

  1. Well, you would have gotten a view, a like, and a comment from me earlier … But I was busy procrastinating over here, too. Ha! 😀 Your procrastination day sounds suspiciously like many of mine. Great job finding the silver lining, though! 🙂


  2. Oh I’ve been there myself… I hate when that happens.. I have big plans to do one thing but get side tracked and end up doing something else all day. I unfortunately remember what I wanted to do when it’s too late.. LOL I enjoyed this one Chelsea! 😀


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