More to re-write

Just when I think that I’m actually getting somewhere with these revisions for book two; I read more into the story, and surprise more changes to be made.

Well at least I’m halfway through what I’ve written so far. So I only have the second half to fix, and then I can continue with the story.

Wherever it is that I left off. I think that they were just beginning their training at the warehouse, and that’s where I stopped.

At least the revisions only make things better.

I’m glad that I am reading through everything I’ve fixed and everything I haven’t fixed; because sometimes I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote a chapter, or say a couple of pages. Then trying to think back to what my train of thought was when I wrote it can be a real pain.

Oh well either way I’m confident that when book two is complete it will be amazing.


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