My Dream Interview (The Sequel)

Ellen: My first guest Chelsea Brown appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show over a year ago. (Ellen looks over at Tony.)

Can you believe that it’s already been a year Tony?

Tony: No it doesn’t seem possible.

Ellen: For those you who missed that episode here’s a look back.

(Ellen rolls clips of her teasing me about my age and clips of me discussing my first book.)

Ellen: I actually talked with her family backstage after the show and they did confirm that she really was 22.

(Tony and the audience laughs.)

Ellen: Now she’s 23 and back to talk about her second book in The Jenny Mac Series: Jenny Mac and the Forest Pass. Which will be released tonight.

(Audience applauds.)

Ellen: But what she doesn’t know is that I have a special surprise for her. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling.

(There’s screams and applause coming from the audience as J.K. Rowling comes out from backstage.)

Ellen: Welcome to the show.

JK: Thank you Ellen.

Ellen: And thank you for coming out all of way from Scotland.

(Audience applauds.)

JK: Well thank you for inviting me out.

Ellen: Of course you know I’ve always wanted to have you on the show, and now I get to have you on with one of my good friends.

JK: You know that’s what I was thinking. I’ve always loved your show, you always give me and my family a good laugh, and now I get to be on your show.

(Audience applauds.)

JK: I’m also really excited to meet Chelsea. I’ve seen her on interviews and I know that she’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and that she credits myself and Harry Potter as her inspiration.

Ellen: What did you think when you first heard about you being such an inspiration to her?

JK: I thought that’s so sweet. When I first started Harry Potter I never dreamed that myself and my work could be so inspiring towards other writers. That would’ve never occurred to me in a million years. Much like everything else that has happened with my life since Harry Potter began.

Ellen: I can imagine.

So do you want to tell the audience what you and I have planned?

JK: Sure.

Well Chelsea’s backstage and has absolutely no idea that I’m here, so when Ellen interviews her she going to bring up me and I’m sure that you all can guess where this is going.

(Audience applauds.)

Ellen: Let’s check up on Chelsea.

(I’m sitting backstage listening to music.)

Ellen: Good, I thinks she’s listening to Taylor Swift.

Okay we’re gonna take a break and We’ll be right back with Chelsea Brown.

(Audience applauds.)

Ellen: We’re back and ready to bring out our first guest.

Please welcome Chelsea Brown.

(I come out dancing like fool; just like last time.)

Ellen: Hi.

Me: Hey Ellen it’s good to be back.

Ellen: It’s good to have you back.

So tonight is the release of your second book.

(Audience applauds.)

Me: It is.

Ellen: Are you excited?

Me: I’m excited and nervous. I’m nervous that the book won’t be as good as the first one and people might not like it. But then I think I’m excited about it and have such a good feeling about it that I think people will enjoy it. Plus it has a lot of action and all of that teenaged angst, and love interest. There’s kind of a love triangle that Jenny finds herself in.

Ellen: Ooooh.

So what’s happening in Forest Pass?

Me: Well the book basically picks up where book one left off. Jenny and Lil start their training with the WIA and Joseph begins plotting for world domination again. Brenda and Jason still dance around each other, and Jenny falls in love.

Ellen: Sounds interesting and complicated.

Me: It is.

Ellen: So the last time you were here I teased you about your age.

Me: You did, but then you met my family and found out that to your surprise that I really was 22.

(Audience laughs.)

Ellen: Yes, so what do you think we’re going to talk about this time?

Me: Oh boy I’m afraid to answer.

(Audience laughs.)

Me: Umm I don’t know.

Knowing you Ellen I’m probably going to be very embarrassed by the time the show’s over.

(Audience laughs.)

Ellen: Well you might be correct.

Just kidding… Kind of.

So I hear that you’re a fan of Harry Potter and that you idolize J.K. Rowling.

Me: Yes if it weren’t for the Harry Potter series I don’t think that I would’ve become a writer. I would love to meet her one day.

Ellen: Really? Well JK come on out.

(JK comes out and the audience applauds and I jump out of my chair and start freaking out.)

JK: Pleasure to meet you Chelsea.


Hi Mrs Rowling your my biggest fan. CRAP! I mean I’m your biggest fan.

(Ellen laughs along with the audience.)

JK: Actually Chelsea my family and I are big fans of The Jenny Mac Series.


(I dance around like a moron in celebration.)

Ellen: So Chelsea is there any you’d like to ask JK?

Me: Yes could I have your autograph?

(Audience laughs.)

JK: Sure is after the show okay?

Me: Yes that would be great.

(Ellen laughs.)

Ellen: Is there anything else you’d like to ask her?

Me: Oh yes.

Ellen: Great what?

Me: Umm Uh I can’t think of anything my minds gone blank.

(Ellen and JK laugh.)

Ellen: Well there are a couple of things I like to talk about with you two.

(JK and I nod.)

Ellen: You both have a lot in common. You’re both writers with two very successful book series.

Me: One more than the other.

(Audience laughs and applaud.)

Ellen: You both know what it’s like to struggle, and you both love my show.

(JK and I laugh.)

Ellen: So what’s it like to finally meet each other?

Me: Totally awesome.

(I smile.)

JK: terrific.

Ellen: Well since you two only get to be introduced today I thought that tomorrow you could meet up at a restaurant for lunch. Would you two be interested?

JK: Yes that would great.

Ellen: What do you think Chelsea?


(Audience laughs.)

Ellen: Great We’ll be right back.

(Audience applauds as JK, Ellen and myself talk as they go to commercial.)


12 thoughts on “My Dream Interview (The Sequel)

  1. This is awesome! It’s funny because me and my friend always talk about which one of us is going to be on Ellen first and who is going to be the surprise guest for the other one. Love it!


  2. Lucky you. The day I was to do Oprah that Cruise guy jumped all over the furniture and backstage everyone was in such an uproar they just gave me a cloth and some furniture cleaner. Good for you.


  3. Well Chelsea, I think I did a fake interview like that at one time, perhaps I even pointed you to it. Anyway, very funny. I think it’s great that you aim high – seems to be a yearning for something in posts like this one that I wish would make it into your novel fiction as well. I think you have the chops, to be honest – you certainly know how to dream and dream big, but writing is notorious for taking big dreams and turning them into mush. Don’t let that happen to you.


    1. I think I remember that fake interview of yours. You went crazy with a baseball bat at the end. Very humorous. 🙂
      The dreaming big and aiming high actually comes from my childhood. A yearning to make it out of a crazy disfunctional family lifestyle, and to make something of myself as well as my life.
      There is a yearning to aim higher in the series, but you won’t see it until book two.
      I’m learning that writing can take your dreams and turn them into mush, but I am determined to not let that happen.
      Hope you’re doing well Trent, and thanks for the like and comment. 🙂


      1. Yup, there was a baseball bat involved. When I say yearning, there is a reach and a looseness about your interview post that doesn’t show itself in your Jenny Mac writing. It’s like you don’t overtry and just let the words flow. I think you can learn from that and let that ease of expression get into your fiction.

        Writing is probably the most frustrating thing in the world. It takes endless practice and a good measure of madness. You should always embrace your inner madness. It does wonders of the soul and hammers out great spots of writing.

        I’m doing well, slightly amazed by all this freshly pressed attention my last post garnered, but yesterday I stuck a good-sized pin in my noggin so as not to get too big a head over it. I’ve met some amazing new people though, so that’s awesome.


      2. Oh okay no reach in the Jenny Mac writing. Guess I should give overtrying a go.
        Embrace the madness… Hmm sounds like that could be fun.
        Glad to hear thet you’re doing well, and congrats on the freshly pressed.
        It’s always good when you can meet some amazing new people.


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