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Okay another lesson I learned over the weekend. DON’T ASK YOUR SISTER’S BOYFRIEND TO HELP YOU EDIT YOUR BOOK!!!

My sister and her boyfriend had one of those break up then make up kind of weekends, and the first thing that pops out of the boyfriend’s mouth. “Chelsea I can’t help you with the editing because then I would be at risk of running into your sister.”

I should’ve never saidΒ a thing to him about editorial work, and now I’m going to have to find another editor. However I don’t anyone else whose good at editing.

If any writers out there has any ideas as to where I could find a good editor I’m all ears.

Sigh never, never EVER ask somebody whose dating someone you know for editing help; because I’m telling you right now it won’t work out in your favor. Unless they have a really good relationship.


42 thoughts on “Find an editor

  1. Poor thing ! Getting involved in other people’s relationship squabbles is bad Ju-Ju. I have had people proofread/edit stuff for me, but I read it aloud a couple of times to hear the words work and it usually turns out well. Probably already know that, and depends on how much feedback or suggestions you’re looking for. Good luck with that, not my favorite to-do.


  2. From authors that I work with, beta readers is the way to go. Try and get a few readers/reviewers, whose opinions you respect, and ask them if they would be interested in beta reading your book. If you know other writers, you can team up and beta read each others’ work. Just a couple of suggestions, to try and help…


  3. I’m going to 2nd the use of beta readers and crit-partners and find their feedback invaluable. However I am a sloppy writer so before I handed my manuscript for “The Stars Were Right” off to my beta readers I also hired a fellow wordpresser Victoria Shockley ( to do some copy editing. She did fantastic β€” had a lot of great feedback β€” her rates were really affordable for an indie author such as myself.


  4. That’s why I waited until my brother married her. My sister is my editor, but I had gone through the story numerous times. She’s not grammatically sound, so we’ll see how that turns out for me. :/

    Anyway, before that I used an editor for a cent an hour or $20 an hour of work. I would first get beta readers first, though. If you’re interested let me know.


  5. If you can get someone who doesn’t charge too much, it’s worth paying for an independent editor. I once found someone online who wasn’t too bad, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be someone who lives nearby. This time I used a retired English teacher, that could be a thought.


  6. JUst in my past experience of helping a friend edit his books, I had to re and re-read the book, as did he, because the mind often tricks us into seeing what we think/know should be there. And remember spell check is great, but it won’t catch words spelled differently but have similar meanings… their, there, your and You’re


  7. Join Absolutewrite, there’s a great community there and a lot of excellent information, and even reliable editors if you end up wanting to do that but use up all your free options first.


  8. Not to be prissy, but it’s a good idea to have a written agreement with anyone you permit to work on your creative endeavors. Avoid potential copyright and possible oral contract claims! (Which always seem to pop up if the venture ends up successful.)


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