This time around

This song was written I think at the tail end of the summer of 2010.

I read through it today thinking about posting, but then I thought I could make this song better. So I did a re-write.

And here’s the re-write for ya.

It’s been two months down the road since we decided to take a break from each other, and now you’re moving your stuff back into my place.

Giving me one more chance to do things the right way and show that I’ve grown, that I’m here.

Now I know exactly whatcha fear.


You’re worried that I’m still the same old pompous jerk like in November.

But I’m hoping that you’ll see I’m in this for the long haul, and I don’t plan on giving you up.

Or throw you away.

No I’m never gonna make that same mistake.

(Cause baby.)

(Chorus this time around I’mma be there.

This time around I’mma be here.)

Ooo, and yes it’s true that I didn’t even realize how badly I hurt you.

Before I thought about nothin’ but myself and never put you first.

You should have been my number one priority, but ya took a back seat to everything else that blew in my direction.

Oh baby girl now this is my confession.


You mean the world to me and instead of obsessin’ over doing things my way.


I’m gonna show you that I’ve learned my lesson.

So I hope you’ll pay attention.


(Chorus this time around I’mma be here.

This time around I’mma, I’mma be there.)

Yeah and I’mma start by doing all of things I never did before.

Cause baby girl I know you deserve so much better from me.

I’mma be the woman of your dreams.

(Because girl)

(Chorus this time around I will be here.

This time around I’ll be there.)

I’mma be, I’mma be here for you.



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