Ever since I was told by a fellow blogger about first rights and the possibility of losing them; because I’ve posted excerpts on my blog. It led me to researching the whole rights thing. I read through every rights website that I could, and I’ve also spent the afternoon reading through Writer’s Market.

From what I’ve read there’s been no big NO NO! about posting excerpts; unless they’re being professionally published.

To me I don’t think that I could actually lose mt first publishing right unless I would be foolish enough to post my whole book online. I’ve never done that I’ve put up a lot of excerpts but never enough to give up the whole story.

Plus my books aren’t even properly edited, and one is still going though the drafting process. So I’ve come to a decision I am going to continue to put up excerpts on Tuesdays as I always do.

Except for this week.

But Jenny Mac will be back on Tuesdays.

It might be a risk. I might be a total idiot for doing so, but I’m a writer whose trying to gain interest in her YA stories. So that’s what I’m going to do.


28 thoughts on “Rights

  1. I think you’re doing just fine. Since the market is shifting and changing, it’s more important now than ever before to build on online community and platform for your work. How will people know whether they like what you do unless they’re able to sample it from time to time? Again, I think you’re doing just fine.


    1. I’m glad you think so. 🙂
      Really you’d think the publishing industry would be more open minded about self-publishing.
      To me if the writer has the balls to publish and promote themselves that’s pretty cool. 🙂 It’s also a good platform in my book. 😉


      1. I’m guessing it’s not across the board though. I’ve read about several authors who went through Amazon and were approached by a publishing company. So, maybe it’s an old rule that is slowly getting phased it?


  2. Good news to hear that because I’ve been scared to even publish excerpts due to these rumors I’ve heard about publishers not liking such things. I am glad to hear you will continue to publish excerpts and I look forward to continuing to read your work.


    1. Thank you 🙂
      To me if you have fans that have been that involved in what you’re posting from your stories, and like what your doing. Then it would be a big let down to them to just stop.
      That’s my opinion anyway.


  3. That’s so good to know! I was confused for a moment when I read the previous post about first publishing rights because I didn’t see a check in the bank from online. 🙂 Thanks for an update, you’ve saved my attorney from angry rants.


  4. It’s really cheap to get a proper copyright. The biggest issue is do you give enough they could say you copied key components? I’ve had friends lose their writing and music.


  5. The only time I ran into first published rights was when I looked at a publisher to query who did not want anything that had been previously published anywhere. They specifically mentioned blogs and even called out friends and family. I wish I could remember who they were but it was on a website. I think they are in the minority.


      1. Their “reasons” are like this: you putting a significant amount of your manuscript up on a public website for free is like making a sculpture, putting it in a public park for a few years, and then asking a renowned museum to pay you so they can market it to people. Few people want to pay to market something that has long been available for the taking.

        I’m not exactly sure what your “platform” aim is here. Do you hope that your online readership is going to help you be accepted at a publisher? Because it isn’t. Whether or not you get accepted by a publisher is based solely on the quality of your work, not how many clicks your blog gets. Certainly your blog will help you get more sales if your manuscript is ever published, but the point of hooking up with a big publisher is that they do the marketing legwork for you.


  6. Quick Q. My book’s not ready to be published (I started editing it a few days ago). Would posting excerpts be good to interest people, or should I wait until I’m ready for publication?


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