Platforms why they’re so important

I used to think a couple of years ago, why would I even need to set-up a platform? Couldn’t I just make the fans as I go?

That all changed when I bought my copy of the 2012 edition Writer’s Market. I came across a chapter on platforms. Why you need a platform. How to build a platform, and of course. When to start building your platform.

I used to think that; if there would be any platform building that it would be after I was published.

Nope not by a long shot. I think if I had done that an agent would’ve said “Really Chelsea?” Then he or she would’ve told me why the platform is so important.

If you’re new to writing and you’re just starting out you may want to read this article.

An agent, writer, or publisher would tell you one of the main reasons building a platform is so important is because if you are a new/unpublished writer. Publishers are skeptical to take your book on; because your new and they generally like to know ahead of time if a book can sell. This is why building a platform is necessary.

If you have fans, if you have something built up, and people know who you are. There’s a buzz about you and your book, and people are eager for your book to hit the shelves. To a publisher that says you’re a horse worth betting on.

It also shows that you’re passionate about what you do and that you really want to make writing your career.

Building a platform.

You start to build your platform as you work on your book. Not after it’s finished, edited, and ready to send off to perspective agencies. I was a late bloomer myself I didn’t start building mine until my book was finished; however I did wait a few months to send my story out to agencies. I wanted to at least be able to say that I have an audience.

How to start your platform.

You can start yours by starting a blog about your story. Tell people what your story is about, your goals, and what you hope to accomplish with this blog.

Building your platform.

Okay so you’ve got your platform started that’s terrific. Give yourself a pat on the back. Do you stop at the blog?


Now you get involved with your genre and find out what the readers of that genre like. Where they go to read that genre, what sites you could go to, to grab their attention. While building mine I tried to get into YouTube; because my genre is YA, and teens love YouTube. Although that was kind of a miss, but sometimes when building your platform your going to have great ideas and bad ideas. The YouTube would’ve been a good idea had I known what I was doing; however I did not.

Another good way to get more people interested in your book is to always be introducing yourself. You can do this anywhere. Tell the people that you’re a writer and tell em about your book. I do this a lot. Oh and if you’ve got that blog set-up give people your blog address, odds are they’ll want to check it out.

Platforms they may not be easy to build, but one day you’re going to be glad you did.



9 thoughts on “Platforms why they’re so important

  1. I’ve read about platforms before and have been slowly building mine for the last few months but even with all that, I found your post interesting and quite clear on why platforms are so important. Keep up the good work!


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