I’ve learned a lot over the weekend.

I got a good kick in the rear wake-up call from a fellow blogger. Who informed me of few publishing facts, that up until now I had not been aware of.

I have a few of those publishing facts that I’d like to share with those of you who are new writers, and could a few tips.

The first fact I learned was that if you’re sending your book out to agencies you need to make sure that the editing is solid, so make sure that when you do have someone edit your work, be certain that they’re top-notch. If your book isn’t edited properly like mine then any agent, or publisher you send your work to will think that your writing is sloppy and that you don’t care about your work. Make sure that you have a good editor; because if not then an agent/publisher may not take you on.

The second fact I learned was about first publishing rights. I didn’t know that if you post excerpts of your book on your blog that you could lose first publishing rights. Unfortunately now that know this I’m afraid that there will be no one Jenny Mac posts posted on my blog. For those of whom might be disappointed I apologize. I don’t want jeopardize my first publishing rights anymore than I already have. I know that there are a lot of writers out who are trying to build up an audience for your stories, but just remember. Once you publish something on the internet it’s up there for good, and you can’t undo it.

After being enlightened over the weekend I talked with a friend I met a few months ago and he’s agreed to help me fix the errors in my first book. So it’s going to be a while before I send Jenny Mac out again. Hopefully once everything’s all fixed you’ll be seeing it out in stores soon.

I hope that these publishing facts have helped any new writers out there. They’ve certainly helped me.


25 thoughts on “Enlightenment

    1. Well from my understanding by the blogger who gave me those tips is you have to be careful no matter what. Even if it’s only a few excerpts posted you could still be at risk of losing your publishing rights.
      At least that’s what I was told.


  1. That’s interesting about the excerpts undoing first publishing rights. I would think that part of the novel being out there would be seen more as a teaser or free sample to get people to buy the book.


  2. Thanks for sharing the advice Chelsea, I recently started working on a novel and I was thinking about posting some of it online when it’s ready but I’m definitely not going to do that now.

    Shame we won’t get to read any more Jenny Mac, hopefully you’ll get some good news soon.


  3. Thanks for the advice Chelsea. I had an editor for my book, but between the two of us we still missed a few things. I’ve learned from that first experience to have more than one independent editor.


  4. Okay, learnt something new there. I knew that posting work on a site was the same as publishing it, although mine was loaded with lots of errors at the time. Plus, the original site I published to (GeoCities) is not defunct and gone that I can’t even find it anymore, does that mean it was still ‘first published’ online? And what would it say to the current version I just put up on my blog site?


  5. I stopped posting excerpts on mine awhile ago because my main faculty reader of my thesis project said the same thing. So much for “blogging a book”… 🙂


  6. Sorry you found out that information too late. Don’t despair. Publish (after a good editing!) as an indie. CreateSpace and Smashwords have templates and instructions on how to self publish and make your book look professional. If you aren’t already doing it, join a good writers group. I belong to Forward Motion. http://www.fmwriters.com/zoomfm/ A lot of this information is available there and the group has helped me since I first began writing in 2011. The site welcomes writers of all genre’s. Good luck.


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