Blow up

I wanted to put up a new song today, but I’m not really in the song writing state of mind yet, maybe I might be later. regardless I still wanted to post a song today so looked through my songs and I found one of my favorites.

This song was written in the summer of 2011 and it’s a song that I’d been wanting to write ever since I got my GED. This song is about my struggle through school; with the crappy teachers I had that never supported me, or tried to encourage me to follow my dreams, or have me be the best that I could be. So I was able to vent all of my frustrations through this Rap and I think it turned out pretty good, but I’ll let you be the judge.


(I’mma blow.)


(I’mma blow.)


I’mma blow, up.

I’m on the brink.

I’m on the edge.

I’m on the verge.

I’mma explode.

Shit, I’mma blow up.

To all the fighters.

To all the survivors out there.

Hold ya fists high, raise em high, point em’ up to the sky.

Put ya middle fingers up.

This is to all the haters out there who didn’t believe me, or believe in me.

Who shit on me.

Who spit on me.

Everyone who fuckin’ hated me.

Hi, don’t you remember me?

I’m CKB.

I’m the one you called shorty.

The one voted most likely to blunder.

To fail, to breakdown, to fall crashing into the ground.

The one who’s taking your orders at Burger King.

The one that should be behind the counter.

Remember that?

That’s what you all said.

Still don’t remember me?

How bout’ published world-wide.

How bout’ self-made millionaire.

How bout’ world-wide success story.

How bout the author of Jenny Mac.

Yep that’s me.

Right where I should be.

Right where I wanna be.

Blown up.

Shit, I’m a world-wide success story.

I’m livin’ my dream.

So to all you fighters.

To all you survivors.

With your fists held high pointed up to the sky and your middle fingers up.

All y’all keep climbing up.

Keep fighting.

Keep surviving.

Someone puttin’ you down?

Tryna bring you down?

Shit, don’t stress out just wait they’ll be kickin’ themselves later.

Cause one day y’all will big.

Just wait.

You’ll blow up.

Just like I did.


4 thoughts on “Blow up

    1. No some of the song has to do with things that I would hope to be able to say one day. ‘Published world-wide, world-wide success story.’
      That and self made millionaire just sounded like a good line.


      1. I agree. I admit that I am not very skilled at songwriting or poetry criticism, but I like the song. I also share your aspirations for fame and fortune 😉


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