Freshly Press Me

Last week I started thinking about the weekly Freshly Pressed pieces that WordPress does every Friday, so I looked at how to get considered for a fifteen minute Freshly Pressed shot at fame.

I came up with a pretty good article last week titled What makes writers need to write and it wasn’t found by any WordPress administrators; however I am going to try to write some interesting posts that will hopefully make people think, or at least get people talking and maybe I might be on Freshly Pressed.

I’m calling this challenge Freshly Press Me we’ll see if I can make something happen.

You might be wondering what brought this on? Well I’d to say that I was on Freshly Pressed at least once.

We’ll see what happens until then please Freshly Press Me.


26 thoughts on “Freshly Press Me

  1. Curious-er and curious-er! How can you tell if an admin. checks out your post or if your article appears on Freshly Pressed? Do they send you notification or do you check it yourself? Love the title of your challenge. Good Luck, Chelsea and may your Freshly Pressed dreams come true!


  2. As a newbie here Freshly Pressed is a mystery to me. Guess it’s easier to just keep on writing what we believe in. However, I gues we all do need a little help from friends at times 🙂


  3. I can’t say you aren’t always trying something! good for you! I got tired of watching stuff happen today and decided to go on another campaign to MAKE things happen–then here comes your blog comment. keep trying and so will i! I wish you the best of luck!


  4. I’m sure it’s all political, in some way. Maybe you’ve got to press the flesh to be freshly pressed. Who could possibly read all the posts on this site and decide which was Freshly Post worthy? Good luck with that. You seem like the type and quality of writer that would be chosen.


  5. Well, don’t feel too bad. I’ve never been freshly pressed either but then I probably wouldn’t look so good pressed like “Flat Stanley” (a children’s book) LOL Good luck! I hope they find you! 😀


  6. Hope you reach that goal! 🙂 It’s very tricky to get freshly pressed; I haven’t had this privilege neither, but I hope that one day I will be able to say that I’ve been freshly pressed as well. Cheers!


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