C’mon get close

This song has been half complete for a month and a half I would say, but I finally finished it today. A good R&B song and I’m so excited.

As always let me know whatcha think.


Been hittin’ up all the girls at my favorite club.

Dancin’ with almost every single one, but none of them have what I want.

DJ’s blowin’ up my favorite song when you cut in to dance.

Yeah you’re the type who knows what she wants, and you’re not afraid to take control.

From lookin’ at you I could tell you lookin’ for some romance, but you play it off hoping that I can’t tell.

That’s when I pull you in and whisper…

(Chorus C’mon get close.)

I know you really wanna shake it up, but right now you just wanna be held close.

Baby you move like no one can.

It’s like your gliding cross the floor, and I can feel it in your hips a spark that goes right through to my fingers tips.

Makes me glad that I didn’t miss.

(The chance to dance with a fine woman like you.)

You’re beautiful with a twist

You’ve got a body that just won’t quit with curves that drive me mad.

Yeah you bad and I love it.

I just wanna make this song last.

(Chorus C’mon get close and we’ll dance like we makin’ love.)

I’ve got my hands runnin’ up and down your hips and you know I’m tryna trace ya.

Yeah I love the feel of your skin it’s like it gives me a rush I’ve never had.

Oh I never knew that could want to woman so bad.

You’ve got me mesmerized with every step.

DJ’s turning the beat up and the club goes nuts.

Everyone around us dance like they’re the shit, but I’ve only got my eyes on you.

You shake it up and strut your stuff.

Yeah you sexy and you’re not afraid to show it.

(Show it,

Yeah I, I, I love it.)

You pull in and you’ve got your hands all over my body.


That’s when you grab me and kiss my lips.

Oh you’ve got me feelin’ like I’m ready to explode, and then you say…

(Chorus C’mon get close.

You want me to hold you in my arms tonight. You can’t resist that’s why you came up to me tonight.

C’mon get close.)


I’m so happy I found a girl that gets me like you do tonight.


Yeah you’ve me sayin’

(Chorus C’mon get close.)

(Close, close, close.)

C’mon baby.

(Chorus C’mon get close.)




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