How I spent my weekend


I woke up walked around my apartment and said “This place looks like shit.

Looks like I’ll be doing some cleaning today.”

I ate breakfast and then started with the worst chore cleaning the litter box… YUCK!!! Afterward I then began to try to figure out why my vacuum sounds like a cow going into labor every time I turn it on and use it. I emptied the bagless container, took off the hose to make sure there wasn’t a clog, sat it down to see if there wasn’t a clog underneath, and finally cleaned the flutter.

Whatever I did seemed to work because it actually sounded like a functioning vacuum for the first time in weeks, and it didn’t have any issues picking up.

After cleaning the litter box, fiddling with the vacuum, dusting, and vacuuming I spent the evening relaxing. I flipped to comedy central and watched Hot Tub Time Machine. Love that movie.


Ran errands, paid some bills, and went to a party with my sister.

I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy this party though; because it was one of those parties that you go to and the host tries to sell you stuff from out off a catalog. I was going to the party as a favor to my sister; whom I’m guessing didn’t want to go alone.

The party wasn’t that bad I actually found some cool decor for my apartment so I was happy and I went home with a free expensive candle; which smells awesome.

The only downside/annoyance at the party was all of the hen talk about their annoying boyfriends/husbands which was the main topic at the party.

Well I guess that sums up my weekend.

See you all tomorrow 🙂


10 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend

  1. I love going to those parties. Not only can they not talk smack about guys in front of me, it makes them jealous of my wife that I would go with her to one of those parties. While their boyfriends/husbands all told them to punt. heh heh heh I make my own fun. 😉


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