Post vet visit

Well it’s 48 hours after Cream Puff’s first vet visit and he’s doing well.

On the drive over he was pretty angry that he was locked in a pet carrier and he cried a little, but all in all he did pretty good for his first car ride.

Once he went into the exam room he was frightened; however when he needed to be weighted he just plopped down on the scale. He even did well when got his shots, didn’t even cry.

Ironically the only time he tried to jump off of the table and run was when the nurse took his temperature. That was surprising I thought the shots would’ve been worse than getting his temperature taken. When I was holding him he looked up at me with eyes as wide as I’ve ever seen. If he could talk based on the expression on his face he would’ve said… “Mom what did she just put in my butt?”

Poor thing.

Once he got home he hid under the couch and every time I came near him he ran away. Later that night I needed to do one more thing for him that would annoy him even more; I needed to give him his de-worming medicine, and man was that a struggle, but I finally got it down his throat.

Yesterday he started to come around and began to trust me, and today he warm and cuddly and back his silly nutty self.

That’s my boy. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Post vet visit

  1. I’m not surprised at his reaction. I’d be the same !

    I’m at the age now when I daren’t go to my doctor (even if only got a splinter in my finger) for fear he’s going to make me drop my trousers then stick something up my bum. That’s bad enough when it happens. What, makes it worse is that he’s just straight in, wiggle it about, and out again without any attempt at foreplay. And by foreplay I mean a nice meal, expensive wine, and some intelligent conversation – not just a brusque ‘drop them and bend over ‘ 🙄

    P.S. ‘Cream Puff’ ? What sort of name is that for a male? Imagine his shame and embarrassment if the other neighbourhood cats find out his moniker is not “Killer’ but “Cream Puff” 😯


  2. Isn’t it great how they always forgive you (eventually)? I love this about my pets. My cat takes a while to forgive over vet visits. The dogs basically forgive me as soon as we get out into the car. It’s like they think I’m the greatest person in the world for rescuing them from that horrible, awful place, and they have completely forgotten that I’m the one who brought them there! Dogs. Gotta love ’em. LOL


  3. I’ve had years of car rides and trying to give medication over the years It’s never pleasant for feline or owner, especially when they howl in the car. Most often, the kids forget the vet visit by the time we get home and I give their face a scritch or two. Not to worry, Cream Puff will love you forever because he knows who puts food in his dish and makes his litterbox clean.


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