Cream Puff’s first vet visit

IMG_0571IMG_0625It’s hard to believe that he’s grown so much already.

Soooo adorable ❀

Today Cream Puff is going in for his first exam, and boy is he gonna hate me. The vet’s going to be taking some blood to see if he’ll be alright under the anaesthesia for when he get fixed in the next few weeks.

Well he may dislike me today, but he’s gonna really hate meΒ when I take him to get neutered. Oh well at least he’s not a female they have it way worse when it comes to that.

I wonder how he’s going to be in the car?Β This is also his first car ride today so this should prove to be really interesting.

Well wish me and Cream Puff luck.

Sorry Creamy 😦 but this has to be done.


28 thoughts on “Cream Puff’s first vet visit

  1. Good luck Cream Puff, life gets better again πŸ™‚ my Mum even lets me go out hunting now. From ginger Smooch down under in New Zealand.


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