From Believer To Jenny Mac

I think I may have mentioned this on a couple of different posts, but I never told you the full story.

A lot of you know how Jenny Mac came to be I came up with the idea after my parents separation. I was angry with my dad at the time; because it seemed like he didn’t give a damn about what he did, or that his actions have consequences. In fact I think that, that’s a lesson he’s still learning.

Anyway I had a lot of anger built up towards my dear old dad at that time and no way to let it out. Until I started coming up with this idea for a story. This story revolved around a girl who loses her parents in a car accident where she’s then sent to live with her godmother. Once Jenny meets her godmother Brenda they clash, and wind up butting heads quite a bit. In the beginning Brenda is completely rude, mean and just plain nasty, but Jenny believed that there was some good to her. Even if it didn’t at all seem like it.

The story was originally going to be titled Believer and it was going to be a story of a thirteen year old girl who never loses her ability to believe the best in people. Even though she’d be through a lot of heartbreak from the sudden loss of her parents.

Originally the story was going to be one book and that was that, but halfway through the story there was something in the plot that made me re-think the title and the whole one book bit.

It was after Jenny and Brenda meet Joe a man who Jenny disliked right from the start and for some reason couldn’t trust. When Jenny started to have these terrible dreams about Joe plotting to murder Brenda I thought… Hey this could be a book series.

After I finished the story I changed the title to Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets.

When I think about the story and how it was going to be one book and that’s that. It’s kinda funny in a way.

I’ll tell you some thing though I would’ve thought that about eight years later I would have this blog and all of these fans whom I would be telling the “originally story” to, nor would I have thought that I would be trying to find an agent to represent the book series either.

It’s sometimes strange how you think things are going to be one way and then the whole idea that you had in mind just flips and you find yourself doing some thing completely different than in the beginning.

In this case though I think that it worked out for the better.

I mean could you imagine seeing Believer on a shelf at a book store?


6 thoughts on “From Believer To Jenny Mac

  1. Keep the words coming! I tell you what I could imagine: popping into a book store, purchasing your book and saying (with a vastly smug look), to the person behind the counter, “I know her, I’m a friend of the stars” before walking out and promptly devouring said tome.


  2. I could imagine the original story, but writing is part intuition. *hugs* to you. I know my youngest daughter has not been happy with me either, for good reason. Channelling that energy into writing is a very good thing.


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