Dream Interpretations

I had the most amazing dream last night, but it was also quite odd in places.

I was at this party and it was full of agents and publishers, and there were these books on display all around the room.

I went over and looked at one of the books on display and it was a Dr.Seuss book, and I immediately realize that Random House Publishing is the publishing house that represented Dr.Seuss. So I look around the room and I bump into a Random House publisher; who in the dream was looking over Jenny Mac to see if they would want to represent my book.

I said to him “I was wondering what you thought of my book?” And he says “Oh Jenny Mac yes I love it, but there’s a couple of things that I’d like to go over with you.” So I said excitedly “Okay sure what would you like to go over?”

The dream then transitioned into this boardroom and for some strange reason the publisher had a hold of my notebook full of sketches that I’ve done for WIA gadgets; instead of talking about the story like I assumed we were going to talk about we wind up going over how to fix these sketches with my agent sitting right next to me in this meeting. I do remember impressing my agent though.

The next thing I know the dream transitions again and I find myself backstage waiting to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I’m waiting and while I was waiting I actually updated my Facebook status saying… Holly shit I’m sitting backstage at the Ellen DeGeneres Show waiting to go on. How the hell did I get here?

So I’m still waiting to go on, but meanwhile the show was close to the end and I’m stressing out thinking am I going to go on, or not? Then my phone rings and it’s my grandmother wanting to talk about the weather; because she’s bored. so I said to her… “I can’t really talk right now I’m backstage at The Ellen Show waiting to go on.” And my grandmother shouts out. “WHAT?!” However she continued to talk and I turned up the TV monitor backstage because I was waiting for my que to come on stage and talk about my book, and I got really angry with my grandmother and shouted “IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP AND BE QUIET WHILE I’M TRYING TO LISTEN I’M GONNA HANG UP ON YOU!”

Right after that I woke up, and I didn’t even get to go on.

Now I have a question for anyone out there in the blogging community who believes in dream interpretation… Is this dream a sign of things to come?

Because I’m really hoping that’s it’s a good omen.

What do you think? Good omen or just some crazy dream?


15 thoughts on “Dream Interpretations

  1. This dream is about your inner conflict between your aspirations as a writer and your commitments closer to home and how to balance them in a more healthy way. Perhaps this dream is telling you that these two things are out of balance at the moment.


      1. As well as being a novelist, I’m a psychic medium and dream interpretations are one of ‘my things’ lol. I’m sure if you give a little energy to thinking about how you balance these two aspects of your life, things will improve on both sides.


  2. If you have had prophetic dreams before it could well be one. I certainly hope so for you!! Beyond that, one way of interpreting dreams is to see every element as a part of you. So the person wanting to go over some aspects of the book is probably your inner critic (plus also if he looked at other creative works of yours you may be not wanting to neglect them, but kudos to you for impressing him as that would show a good, strong inner sense of confidence in your work), the issue with family is probably you wondering about the impact of success on other relationships, plus possibly a very real need to make sure you allow time for yourself to pursue your dreams rather than getting distracrd by the needs of others. Anyway, take or leave that depending on whether it feels right to you. 🙂


  3. I rarely remember my dreams. But, if that’s where you look for direction, I think God/the universe will try to connect with you. The interpretation is up to you, though, and I wouldn’t dwell on it. Remember that success comes in helping others and listening on how to do that will lead to your happiness. But going back to dreams, the only dreams that are 100% accurate for me are the ones that involve water…which tells me I need to “get up to use the bathroom.”


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