Alright here’s a brand new song for ya… Well kinda…

This song is a re-write of a song that I wrote in the summer of 2010 that I just finished re-writing I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

(Oh yeah)

You know I never knew I could feel like this.

Girl you changed my world with just one kiss.


You blew me away.

Yeah baby you took my breath away.


You know I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.

It was like you had my heart beatin’ like a 5K race.

Ooo, and since then you’ve always been the one I wanna chase.

I know loving you would never be a waste.

Every time I’m with you I get a taste of perfection, and I know that nobody’s perfect, but damn girl I’d say that your pretty close.

Baby did you know that…

(Chorus you’re so amazing.)

And that every time I’m around I can feel it.

Oh, and I know that when you’re talking about yourself you only see the flaws.

Well allow me to point out what you can’t see.

You’ve got the most beautiful eyes.

You don’t know it but I’ve actually got lost in them once or twice.

You hate your hair because you think it’s too wild, but I love it.

You hate your laugh, but to me it like I’m listening to a symphony.

You may see nothing but flaws, but to me It’s everything I love about you and I just want you to know…

(Chorus you’re so amazing.)

The way you look in the morning.

When I wake up and your wrapped around me It’s like I’m still dreamin’ and you’re my best fantasy.

I just want to make this moment last.


(Chorus you’re so amazing.)

I won’t stop until you know it every day.

Because I never knew I could feel like this.

(That love could be like this.)

Whoa, every time I see your face.

It’s like my heart’s beatin’ in a 5K race.

You’re the one I always wanna chase and I…

I know loving you will never be a waste.

You’re my taste of perfection.

You know you’re the only one I want.

Yeah and I need you to know that…

(You’re so amazing.)


8 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. I the the lyrics are great! Try not to get discouraged… Just keep sticking to it and trying… Have you done a youtube video of it? If you can’t play, maybe someone else can play it or help you come up with the music. 😀


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