Working through the kinks

Yesterday I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with the revisions I’ve been making on book two.

I am so happy to say that I only have a couple more kinks to work through, and I think chapter one is going to be much longer than it originally was.

It feels so good when I can say with a lot more certainty than I had going into these revisions that I feel like book two is definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s shaping up to be a lot more thrilling and suspenseful than book one, and it definitely has a lot more action.

Is it at all possible to be even more excited for the sequel then your first book even though your first book hasn’t even seen the light of day?

Seriously all I can think right now is I can’t wait for everyone to read book two.

I’m so excited about it even more I think then when I was writing book one.

I wonder if I’m going to feel this way about every book in the series?

Well I’ve still got some more kinks to workout so I’ll see y’all tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Working through the kinks

  1. I think it’s natural to be excited about the sequel. It’s a continuation of a story, which brings a strange sense of victory. Almost like the very existence of the sequel proves that you’re not out of ideas and that your decision to write is justified.


  2. You probably should feel that way about every book in the series. I think every author should feel the most excited about the book they’re currently working on. If not, why would a reader be interested? Glad you’re having fun with book 2. 🙂


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