Valentines Day <3

It’s Valentines Day the day for love, Cupid’s big work day, romance, overly priced roses and chocolate, and of course romance movies.

However for me it’s just me wishing that I had somebody to share it with for the 6th year in a row… God that’s sad.

The last time I celebrated Valentines was in 07 when a boy that I used to go to Junior High with surprised me out of the blue with… Hmm… I think it was a pink teddy bear of some sort.

It was very thoughtful though, yet at the same time weird considering that I’m a lesbian and I haven’t even got to spend this day with a girl yet.

Oh well maybe next year I’ll find my princess to spend the holiday with.

So since I have absolutely nothing going on for myself this Valentines Day I wanna hear what my readers have planned for this day, or maybe you could also tell me about how you met your love, or if you’re like me and have no one to spend the holiday with perhaps you could tell me about what you hope to find when you eventually do find that special someone.

No matter how you’re spending this Valentines Day leave me a comment and share your thoughts with me I’d love to hear em.

Happy Valentines Day everyone and remember if you’re in the same boat as I am just think that there’s always next year, or maybe you might even have a special surprise coming your way.

What can I say I’m a sucker for a happy ending… what that sounds wrong umm how bout I’m a sucker for love.

Sounds better and a lot less gross


15 thoughts on “Valentines Day <3

  1. I’ve got nothing going on except a day off work, so I can’t complain. I have been updating and perfecting my professional site, maybe you could look and tell me what you think?

    Oh and my cats have made me plenty of messes.


  2. You’ll find your princess. It takes time only because the best is waiting to find you. I know, corny.

    I wrote about my husband for my post today. I met him when I worked as a reporter for a newspaper, and he worked as the sales rep. When I moved to another news paper, we stayed in touch and later married.


  3. I planned to eat sushi with my husband, but erm it didn’t quite work out so we had pizza instead (I forgot to book).
    Then I sat on my present (he hid it in the bed) – a pyrex jug (he dropped ours) filled with chocolates. But nothing got broken so we were in quite a celebratory mood in the end.


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