From a relaxing weekend to A stressful Monday

On Friday Worcester was pounded with 24 inches of snow, and on Saturday there was an advisory on the news for all drivers to stay off of the roads while the snow plowers removed the snow.

Because of the no driving advisory there was on mail on Saturday and I was waiting on a check; because rent’s due. Since there was no mail on Saturday everything’s backed up and no check was received today.

Now I have to come up with a quick rent solution for tonight and I think I’ve got it. So I’ll be running around tonight to get this all settled up.

Man I feel like beating my head against a wall right now.

Mondays are annoying enough and if you add over two feet of snow, delayed check and rent on top of it all; makes for a pretty stressful Monday.

At least this can all be fixed and I’m at least not pacing around saying “Dammit stupid blizzard, damn mail delays, dang rent.”

What a way to begin the week.


14 thoughts on “From a relaxing weekend to A stressful Monday

  1. I feel the same. The weekend was fine and then I went to work today and realized I never got anything done I should have . . . but the relaxing part was good.


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