Hey Daddy

This has to be one of most personal songs that I’ve written so far. I wrote Hey Daddy on Monday and decided to write it in the form of a rap. It’s about the struggles that I’ve had with my father past and present.

I’ve had a lot of issues with my dad that I’ve never really let out and some that I haven’t even addressed, and I think I’ve touched most of them with this song.



Hey daddy why you keep pokin’?

Why you keep proddin’?

Why you keep pushin’?

Acting like you know what’s best for me.

Well you better fuckin’ snap back into reality.

Cause you and Grandma Betty keep pokin’ and thinkin’ you know what best for me.

Quoting “Oh you should do like your cousin and go to college. That’s what he did and soon he’s gonna be a Marine Biologist.”

Good for him I’m so happy for em, but listen up for once and maybe this time you’ll get through your head. I’m not my cousin and I’m not like your good nothin’ son that manages a Wal-Mart somewhere near Broomfield.

So cut the shit with the “Helpful” suggestions cause I don’t wanna hear it anymore. dammit I’m done.

You know what I wanna be, you know what I set out to do, you fuckin’ know why I moved.

I’m a writer, a songwriter, a fighter who’s not going to give up, or throw in the towel even if things get rough n tough.

So why keep judging’? Why keep turnin’ your nose up at me?

Matter a fact before you continue to judge me let’s just go through your history.

At my age you were drinking, doing and selling drugs not giving a fuck living life the way you wanted, oh and let’s see… Oh yeah you also went and got a girl pregnant at the age of 23.

After that you went to school and dreamed of being an EMT, but when your professors said that you weren’t good enough to cut it you just gave up and settled for life as a house painter.

And even then you only worked when you wanted.

Hey Daddy.

I remember when I was growing up and things got real tough and Ma started poppin’ prescription pills.

Did you ever help? Did you ever lift a finger? Did you ever try to get Ma to stop?

Oh that’s right no never.

You just left it to us kids while you went off doing whatever.

Cause your worries were as light as a feather, and you didn’t give a damn what happened while Ma was under the influence.

Hey daddy.

I remember our last camping trip together.

You remember the one in 04 when you took me with you to your AA campout and introduced me to your girlfriend

What was her name again? Oh yeah crazy Mary.

You cheated on Ma right in front of me, and thought nothing of it.

Hey daddy.

Fast forward to 07 I just turned 17 and you lied to my face about another crazy woman from AA.

Remember that? After that we didn’t even so much as converse for two years.

Hey daddy.

This is your wake call.

Be more supportive, be there for me and stop being so fucking horny and stop only calling me whenever you’re not dating another crazy chick from AA.

Quit being so selfish cause this shit’s getting old and I can’t take any more of your let downs, broken promises or you’re gossiping behind my back.

Hey daddy.

I need a dad who’s there for me, who supports me, who doesn’t judge me.

Hey daddy.

You should be proud of the fact that I’m a writer, a fighter a songwriter.

You should be proud of the fact that I came up from nothin’ and that I never did any of the things you or Ma have done.

Hey daddy

Just one more question… When you ever gonna act like my daddy?

Hey daddy.


16 thoughts on “Hey Daddy

  1. Goshhh….dat was intense…i can imagine wat’ll happen if ur daddy reads it…u know wat u do ur thing n practise powerlessness….will bring u a lot of peace…
    We are powerless over people, places n circumstances… So u cant change any of dem, u cant stop words from deir mouth, u cant stop dem from fearing abt ur future, from loving u so much dat now it has turned into a fatal n a suffocating obsession of theirs…happens buddy, just b calm n do ur thing n do it really good…dey’ll cool down eventually, once u click in life, no matter ur way…
    All the best, n it was nice reading this…once upon a time, we used to think alike…hv fun n enjoy wat u do d best


  2. Very real and authentic !
    Thanks for sharing something so personal.
    I hope this helps with healing and forgiving.
    Not for him, but for you to feel free of his grasp and the shackles keeping you from expanding your wings.
    I admire your ability to take an honest look at your past.
    Keep up the good fight!


  3. I can feel the anguish and anger all at the same time. This would make it a grammy song if you pursued that goal! Very well written and truthful. Sorry you had to live it, though.


  4. Brave writing. I think that was one of Jean Genet’s favorite critiques of poser writers…”He doesn’t have the courage to be a writer.” You do, DJ C-Sea B………………………………………


  5. Right on–thank you for putting out there what so many of us never did. My dad died before I could have a real conversation with him about some similar things…and even then, I might have had to do it like you did–from a distance. Great job!


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