The Magicians Spell

Hey everybody it’s time for another one of Chelsea’s good old family stories, so gather round as I tell you the tale of The Magicians Spell.

Don’t you just love it when your school has one of those cheesy yet very entertaining magicians that come to entertain you and your class.

It’s 1965 and my mother and her friend are mesmerized by a special guest magician at an assembly. They’re particularly interested in the trance that the magician’s putting one of their fellow classmates under.

After school my mother and her friend head over to my mother’s house and told my grandfather and the rest of my mother’s family about the magician and the trance he did on one of their classmates.

It’s then that my mother’s friend has the idea and she says to my mother “Hey Brenda I know how to do one of those trances.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, do you want me to put you in a trance?”

“Yes,” said my mother, with excitement.

“Okay go into the bathroom while I get ready.”

A minute later my mother comes out of the bathroom.

“Okay Brenda take this black marker and close your eyes.”

“Alright,” said my mother, with the biggest smile on her face.

Her friend clears her throat and says something to make my mother feel like she was going into a trance.

“Okay Brenda take the marker and draw a line across your forehead.”

My grandfather starts to crack up a little along with my mother’s siblings.

“Now drag the marker down to your nose. Good, now draw circles around your eyes.”

My mother does so thinking that she’s completely in a trance; while my grandfather and the rest of the family are barely able to hold their composure.

“Now Brenda draw a circle around your mouth.”

(Little chuckles from my mother’s family.)

“Oh you know what Brenda I did the trance all wrong here take this towel into the bathroom with you.”

My mother walks into the bathroom and looks in the mirror “Oh crap.”

She could hear the family laughing in the living room as she cleaned off her face.

Ah to be 12 years old… Hehe 😉



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