The County Fair

You know it’s been a while since I put up one of my good old family stories that makes you laugh your ass off, so I thought I’d share one.

This particular story revolves around my mother and her clumsy klutz ways, and incase you’re wondering where I get my clumsy klutz ways you’ll definitely understand once this story concludes.

It was 1966 and my mother along with the rest of her family went on a nice family outing to the county fair. The whole day up to that point had been a lot of fun for my thirteen year old mother. They had been on and off a boatload of rides and were just enjoying the day, until they got to the fun house dryer.

For those of you who have never heard of a fun house dryer it’s this huge circle that spins around like a dry and your supposed to walk through it and that’s that.

So my mom’s siblings walked through the fun house dry with ease and then it was my mother’s turn. Her siblings on the other side of the dry were saying “Come on Brenda it’s so cool. Come on walk through it.”

My mother puts one foot into the dryer and falls into it and cannot get back up. Everytime she tried she would fall again and just roll in the dryer. My grandfather and his wife were watching the whole scene unfold, and for anyone who knew my grandfather could predict what he was about to do. Fall to the ground laughing at my mother with tears in his eyes; while his wife said. “You stop laughing at your poor daughter’s expense this is not a laughing matter.”

My grandfather just continued to laugh.

Meanwhile a couple of the workers tried to help pull my mother out of the rolling dryer, but my mother just ended up pulling the workers in with her, so now you’ve got three people rolling around in this dryer, my grandfather rolling on the ground laughing and his wife worrying.

You know I don’t know why anyone would’ve just stopped the dryer right away, but whatever.

When they finally did get my mom and the workers out of there my mom just a had a lot scratches and scrapes.

God I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and watch that whole thing unfold I’d probably be right with my grandfather rolling on the ground laughing.



3 thoughts on “The County Fair

  1. Poor mum…does she read your posts? I’ve got a lot of strange/awkward/embarassing mother stories, but she’s a little touchy about many of them – and she reads everything I publish or print, and all the music I’ve ever put out. And, she fully believes in the saying about one good turn deserving another. Must be why Mark Twain specified his autobiography not be published until 100 years after his death.


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