Book two writer’s block

So on friday I got a lot of work done for two book after Thursday night’s revaluation.

However I’m still struggling with the WIA’s reaction towards a very serious, very stressful Joseph situation.

I was going to continue with the progress I made on Friday, but my weekend laziness kicked in, so throughout the weekend I did nothing work wise.

I am hoping that after giving my brain the weekend to refresh that maybe I can figure this whole WIA big important meeting discussion of Joseph and what to do scene.

Either that or I’ll be kicking myself and think why didn’t I work this weekend?

hopefully not though well here we go again let’s see what I can come up with, and work through.


8 thoughts on “Book two writer’s block

  1. I’m sure it’ll come to you. Maybe try and do a few other things you enjoy and clear your head. Struggling is great because struggling usually means, for a writer, that you’re about to stumble onto something awesome—if you don’t take the easy path out. You’ll come up with something great, I’m sure. 😀


  2. One step forward, two steps back, a few sideways…it’s like a waltz. With a bag of cement for a partner. But in then end it always gets better, at least I hope so, so dance on 🙂 Thanks for the visit and leading me back to your blog!


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