Book two revaluations

Late last night I had a revaluation and oddly enough it was after watching two minutes of the last Harry Potter movie just before I went to bed.

I realized that I had a few holes in chapter one of book two and that I was going about the story all wrong. There’s a danger that I was not addressing seriously enough with the WIA and all of the characters that revolve around the WIA. There are also a few things that I need to work on with Joseph.

I’m hoping that I will only need to tear apart the first chapter because I’m 178 pages into the book already and it would completely suck if I had to do a total re-write and tear everything down, and then build it back up again.

But I guess of that’s what I have to do then I’m going to have to do it, but hopefully not.

I should just be happy that I caught this mistake early.

Well looks like I have some work to do.


9 thoughts on “Book two revaluations

  1. I’ve run into a similar problem when I’m done writing and editing for continuity. I’ve found that a lot problems can be solved through adding scenes or even a few sentences here and there. I’m always scared that if I do a full re-write that I’ll lose the good stuff that I had during my first attempt. Good luck.


  2. Sucks when you realize something like this! I feel your pain. Usually when this happens to me, if I try to ignore it and keep on the path I’d been on, I find I just can’t write it anymore. But it energizes me to know the “truth” of my story, and the fixes are not that bad. Ah, these moments of clarity! 😉


  3. Hi Chelsea, thank you for dropping by my blog and “Liking” my post, ‘A Writer’s Nightmare’.
    I love your blog’s background; the quill and inkwell with writing paper is really cool.
    I’ve just finished the final edit of my first book — at least I hope it’s the last edit 🙂 –, My editor keeps emailing me and asking, “Where is the MS?”


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