Writing Songs

Today I thought that I would talk about a topic that I haven’t really opened up about before.

Wait scratch that…

I’ve talked about this topic before in awards I’ve won and I’ve also told you about how I’ve come up with some of the songs I’ve posted as well as how old I was when I wrote the song.

However I got to thinking about some of the comments that have been left with the songs I’ve posted and one comment came to mind “How do you do it?”

So today I thought I would open up about my songwriting journey ironically there are a few similarities to my writing journey that I’ve also come across with my songwriting journey.

Let’s see…

I first started writing songs when I was ten years old and that began with music class. It was around that time of the year where the kids would have those little music pageants at school and they would put on those little musical plays for the parents/families. I don’t really remember the play or what it revolved around, but I do remember wanting to write a song for the play so I did.

To this day I don’t even remember what the song was about, but I gave it to my music teacher who kept and a year, or so later read it to my class. I never performed the song; because the music teacher had the play all setup, but still it was fun and it was sweet of her to hold on to the song.

That was the beginning and I didn’t really pick up a pen to write another song again until I was thirteen.

This time around I had a genre and I actually remember the subject matter. The genre was country and the subject matter revolved around my boyfriend and I had written a couple of songs to that effect. I didn’t really like em so I just threw them out.

Then pretty much the same thing happened as it did before I didn’t pick up a pen again for another year. So at fourteen I had this idea to write I think more of a pop song, but in the form of duet with the same boyfriend. Just as before I disliked the song, but I didn’t throw it away until years later.

Fast forward to sixteen for some reason sixteen was when the songwriting really stuck and I would write every time that I wanted to get something of off my chest and just like writing Jenny Mac it was very therapeutic for me. If something was bothering me I could let it out through song. However from sixteen to nineteen I didn’t like any of the songs I was writing there was just something missing although I had absolutely no idea what.

When I was nineteen it finally clicked and in a way I would’ve never thought. One of my best friends had come out to me, and I had a big crush on her for a while. It was at a time when I wasn’t being true to myself about who I was and if you add-on the typical teenaged stuff it was just crazy. At eighteen I finally started to admit that I was gay and that had a huge impact on my songwriting at nineteen. So my friend came out, but she told me I’m not into you and that I just see you as a friend.

That hurt but it did help me once my friend came out and told that she wasn’t into me I had a lot of feelings that I had kept inside over the years and so one night I’m going over a song that I had written just before my friend came out and there was this line in there All I wanna do is cherish you and click.

The first song that I’ve ever written where I was actually happy with the song all together was a love song titled Cherish you with a pop feel to it that just leaped off of the pages and I wrote that when I was nineteen.

After writing that song I knew what I had been missing with all of those other songs. Being true to myself and allowing myself to open up; which is extremely difficult for me even to this day, but writing songs helps me to do that.

After Cherish you I found out what genre I love to write in the most pop and that my specialty in songwriting is definitely love songs.

So if you write songs as well but are having trouble writing them remember to be true to yourself, speak from your heart, and don’t be afraid to open up; because that’s what will really help you in the long run.

If you want to check out Cherish You search for cherish you on my blog.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂


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