My weekend

Let’s see Saturday I went to see The Hobbit with my sister and quite enjoyed it too.

Which is pretty good for me because I’m not really into The Lord of the Rings stuff I’ve tried getting into the books on several different occasions, but it never did go that well. I liked the movies a little bit partially because of my dad.

But The Hobbit was very entertaining it was very funny and clever.

On Sunday I bought some new things for my apartment and spent the day setting everything up. New dishes, new coffee pot, new toaster, and a new piece of furniture.

Can I just say how great it is knowing that everything is yours in the apartment, and how great it is not to have to constantly share everything with your mother and sibling.

I love it, love it. ❤

Oh and I also wrote a new song late last night as well and I’m really excited because it has more of a hip hop rhythmic feel to it instead of pop; which is my usual song writing style/genre.

However I’m probably not going to be posting this particular song on my blog because along with it crossing into different genres it also talks very graphically, and I’m not sure that I’m really for y’all to see that side of me yet, or vise versa.

So that was how my weekend was spent and I’m sure that you know the question’s coming…

How did you spend your weekend?

Leave me a comment.


20 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. My father was a big Tolkien fan in his youth but when I saw the first LotR film with him, he recommended I not read the book. He said that it was repetitive – battle, journey, battle, journey – and that the movie did a decent job at pacing (though they screwed up Galadriel in his opinion. I wouldn’t know). He said that my time would be better spent reading The Hobbit, a shorter and, he claims, better crafted tale. At any rate, I spent my Sunday reading The Best American Comics 2012 and highly recommend it.


    1. I think my father would agree with your father they did do a great job with the films. American comics huh that may be something I’ll have to try out I’ve never really read comics.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


      1. Comics are so much more expansive a form than when I was a child. You can still get your hands on Superman and the like, but I recommend Alison Bechdel (Fun Home), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, the Essex County trilogy), Art Spiegelman (Maus)… If you get a chance to read any of these, let me know your thoughts.


  2. Sounds like a good weekend. I saw The Hobbit with my son a few weeks ago and loved it! We read that book, plus The Lord of the Rings books together.
    As for my weekend, I worked a little, wrote a lot, and did a bunch of chores in an attempt to avoid doing research for my novel.


  3. The Hobbit is a great movie and every time I hear good reviews, I send them to my friends who are in New Zealand working on the movie. It is truly a film that will be hard to follow. Thanks for the post. 🙂


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