Tell me

I wrote this song yesterday and I’m so happy because I’ve had a love song stuck in my head that I’ve wanted to write for a while and I hope you guys enjoy it.


Well here you are just trying to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart.

You’ve been up, you’ve been down and experienced all of the in’s and out’s.

But yet you still can’t see what’s been oh so clear to me.


With you every single time it’s starts off the same, and it always ends with you in pain.

You go in and you put in the time, and you invest your heart into something worthwhile.

(That’s just what you thought at the time, but the same thing happens every time.)

You give your heart and she takes advantage.

Stringing you along for the ride.

Oh, this is what happens every time.

(Oh no)

Now it’s a few months down the road and she’s grown bored, so does what all of the rest usually do.

(She goes)

Now here we are.

You come running to me crying.

You say that you thought she was the one.

You blame yourself for her depart, but you never do see that you’ve done nothing wrong.


Now I’ve had enough and I can’t help but blurt out and say…

(Chorus Tell me why do you put yourself through all of this pain?

Tell me why you put your heart on the line?

Oh please tell me that this is the last time.)

Because I can’t take seeing you this way.

I see how much you care, I see how much you want to be loved, and I still can’t believe you haven’t thought of me.

I wish you’d look into my eyes and realize.

I’m the one who’s always there; I’m the one who always cares.

I’m the one who dreams of how life would be if you were only with me.

(Chorus tell me how much longer do you want to take with all of those selfish jerks that don’t even care enough about you to stay?

Tell me you’ve learned from your mistakes.

Tell me you won’t spend another day looking for heartbreak.)

I’m down on my knees praying that you’ll finally see.

(See me)

Now my heart’s on the line so please…

(Chorus tell me will you be with me?)


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