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Money talks

Duck Dynasty back on?!

I can’t say that I’m completely surprised to hear this, but I am very disappointed because apparently money means more to A&E than equality and common decency.

Just when I think that we’re getting somewhere with equality we wind up moving two steps forward and three steps back.


I really can’t stomach that they’re letting Phil back on “Because he’s only expressing an opinion.” What he’s expressing is hate whether he means to or not and why in the hell are we still spreading hate? It’s 2013, haven’t we learned to spread love and not hate? Apparently we haven’t.

You know what I’d like for a straight person to try, walking a mile in our shoes. Let’s see how you’d like it one day if you woke up and the rights for a straight couple have been changed, and it was illegal for a straight couple to marry, shocking if you were to kiss your partner in public, and you were simply hated for you who you loved.

How would you feel if you had your rights stolen? To see gay people allowed to marry, and it still had to be voted on whether or not you should be allowed to marry.

If you had to deal with that on a daily basis wouldn’t you be outraged? If someone on TV were to say that being straight is a sin and that you’re going to hell; because of who you love wouldn’t that piss you off? And then to find out that their being allowed back on TV simply because “It was just his opinion.” No you would be outraged and tired of all of the hate being spread, and you would just want to be considered an equal human being.

The closed-minded ones

Okay I realize that only a few days ago I said that I needed a break from blogging; however I’m completely cheesed off right now over this whole Phil Duck Dynasty thing.

I’m glad that A&E has kicked Phil off the show for his homophobic comments; it shows that the fight for equality has come a long way. A few years ago you wouldn’t have heard of someone being thrown off a show for making homophobic remarks.

I do realize that Phil is older, of a different generation, and southern but that doesn’t give him or anyone else the right to talk shit about something of which they know absolutely nothing about; because of his comments he now has supporters who spread the hate even further, and that absolutely disgusts me.

You hear the same thing over and over again about how being gay is a sin and all gays will go to hell. Did any of you stop ever to think that if God didn’t want gay people on this earth then  he wouldn’t have created us. Or that the Bible was written over  two-thousand years ago, and that it is in need of an update? God doesn’t discriminate against two people being in love.

I know that it’s going to take quite a while for closed-minded people to realize that, and that not everyone is going to be for equality because you know that there will always be hate in the world, but it’s just sad to hear about especially it being so close to Christmas.

I just wanted to vent my feelings a bit, I still plan on my continuing with my hiatus and I don’t exactly know when I’ll be back on but I will return at some point.

A short hiatus???

I’ve been thinking about taking a small hiatus. I’ve been feeling pretty drained writing wise; from blog posts, songs, and everything revolving around the character bios/story world.

I don’t know if it’s the holiday season mixed in with all of this, or if it’s just the writing; either way I think I’m looking at a short break. With the hopes of recharging the batteries. By doing so I’m hoping to come back with some interesting blog posts and hopefully some Jenny Mac stuff to introduce you all to.

However knowing me this hiatus might not even happen because I’ll wind up having an idea or random thought to share. We’ll see.

I’ll see you soon,



I was young and I didn’t think that you could have anything to offer me.

We were in our teens; with absolutely nothing to gain.

Who would’ve thought back then where this road would lead.

Now I can’t go a day without you here next to me.

Fourteen with nothing to lose you popped into my life, and I thought that it was just gonna be a temporary thing.

That you’d just be a friend; that I knew for a couple of weeks before I left town.

Little did I know?

(Just what fate had in store for me.)

When we first met I felt something new.

A feeling that I wouldn’t be able to describe; till a few years down the line

You quickly became more than just another friend; you became the girl to see me through everything. The fall of 05 you saw me through my worst and helped me through all of the hurt.

Filling an empty space in my heart with each passing day,

Oh, I hope you know, just how much you meant to me.

When you’re young just how would you define love?

(When most know nothing about it.)

The give and take, the compromise, is something you learn over time.

Growing up I always saw the horrid side of love, all of the pain, heartache, and betrayal.

Thinking that that’s what love would have in store for me.

I never saw the trust, respect, and the romance.

(Just bleeding hearts,)

(Chorus but baby with you I know now, that true love exists.

We share a connection that I can see and feel every single day.

From the moment I wake, to the moment I close my eyes.

I know it you know it, that we have a connection; which no word can define.)

(No word can define.)

I never thought that I could find someone that I could trust with my heart.

Nor did I think that you would ever trust me with your own.

Ooh, baby I love how much we cherish and respect one another.

We both knew and understood; that you should never tamper with a heart. After all, it’s a fragile piece of equipment that takes a lot time to mend, if damaged it loses its value, and then has to start all over again.

With you, you saw my heart and knew right from the start to give all of who you are. To show me what love could truly be.

(It connects you and me.)

You knew I didn’t want to find love, or fall in love.

(Chorus but baby with you I know now, that true love exists.

We share a connection that I can see and feel every single day.

From the moment I wake, to the moment I close my eyes.

I know it you know it, that we have a connection; which no word can define.)

I now know that love isn’t something that can be searched for or found.

Love has to find you and you’ll know when it has.

Oh, because I, found someone that knows what I’m worth.

You’ve seen me through everything and have helped me through all of the hurt.

You’re not afraid to open up to me.

Cause you give me all of the trust and love, I’ve never seen before.

Before you came along I only saw the horrid side of love, but…

(Chorus but baby with you I know now, that true love exists.

We share a connection that I can see and feel every single day.

From the moment I wake, to the moment I close my eyes.

I know it you know it, that we have a connection; which no word can define.)

That we have a love which cannot be found and a connection that no one can define.

Because you are the love of my life.

The little things

I love this time of year for all of the joy, love, fun, and amazing memories which stick out in your mind for years to come. However there is a time during the holiday season that I cannot stand, the rush, rush, rush mixed with the pushing and shoving. To either get the big gift on your list, or if you’re like some of my family you’re pushing and shoving and searching like crazy because you’re one of those last-minute shoppers.

That’s the part I can’t stand; it’s completely crazy and exhausting.

There have been some holiday seasons in the past where my family didn’t get to participate in the shopping and gift giving festivities; because, well we’ve been too broke. This holiday season we’re all finding ourselves in the same boat. That’s okay with us though because we’d rather have all of the important things taken care of. Right now we’re trying to chip in to get our car fixed, so we started taking the bus in early November. There’s a few thing I am so grateful for this holiday season buses, cabs, and shopping carts. Believe me when you go without having a car to take you from A to B, to get all of your groceries you’re thankful for both the bus and the shopping cart. Unless there’s about two-feet of snow on the ground then you’re thankful for the buses and cabs. It can be a little tough lugging bags full of groceries from store to store, but at least you build up your arms and legs.

There is one thing that I have really enjoyed while out and about today and that was walking around as the snow fell; it was such a beautiful sight and could really put you in the holiday spirit. Even when you have little this holiday season you can at least be thankful for what some might think of as the little things. After all it’s all of those little things that put the smile on your face.