You take me back

I wanted to put up a song today and this was the first song that popped into my head. I wrote this song at the beginning of this year and I thought that since the year is almost over it would be a good song to put up.

I moved back in town a little over a week ago.

Not expecting much.

Hanging with friends and just catching up.

But I wasn’t expecting love.

No I wasn’t expecting you.

Because two years ago we said goodbye cause we both knew long distance never would’ve worked out right.


I never would’ve thought that seeing you after all this time, would take me back.

(You take me back.)

To when we had nothing to lose, nothing to lack.

Oh, girl you take me so far back.

I remember all those nights we spent out under the stars in your band new car.

I remember going out to the drive in, and us making out as soon as the movie started.

I remember the first hello.

Our first conversation.

Ooo, and I’ll never forget how nervous I was to ask you out.

(Chorus Cause girl you…

You take me back to a time when nothing mattered.

(You take me back, oh.)

I remember our first date.

Oh girl how you took my breath away.

How you always made everything so perfect.

(You know you’re perfect and I loved it.)

Cause you’re so incredible, incredible.

Girl you’re unforgettable.

Whoa, whoa, ooo, yeah.

(Chorus Cause girl you take me back to when I had nothing to lose, nothing to lack.

You take me back.

To the first time we made love, and you made feel so safe, and everything felt so right

lying in your arms that night.

Cause even though we said goodbye, and even though we’re on two separate paths it was good to see you.

Oh, and I hope that you felt the same.

Oh, I hope that you when saw me again you thought…


(Chorus You take me back.)

Mmm, yeah.

(Chorus Oh baby girl take me back.)

(Yeah you take me back girl)


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