Yes it’s 12/21/12 the day the Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end. I’m probably the millionth blogger to discuss doomsday as well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the show on National Geographic Doomsday Preppers and of course I would bring up the episode with one Colorado family. Now I’m all for being prepared in case of emergency, power outages, natural disasters, and stocking your medicine cabinet full of first-aid equipment in case you or your child needs a bandage. However in the case of doomsday there’s absolutely no way anyone could be prepared for it.

If it happens it happens and unfortunately if it ever did everything inhabiting our planet would die; because I’m guessing that the earth would probably just explode one day. If you really think about look at how we pollute the planet every second of the day we use electricity, gas, oil, liter, some of us don’t even recycle. So my theory is that the earth will one day just give out in the form of an explosion.

About the only way you could prepare for it is prey.

I’m glad that the Mayan calendar was wrong because there would have complete cayos everywhere.

The stores would have been packed full of people buying food to pile away and when I think of that I think of Y2K, and it makes me wonder what is going be next? What crazy thing are we going to prepare for? And how crazy will it make us?

I sometimes wonder if those doomsday preppers would feel foolish for spending all of their time obsessing over something that never happened.

My final word on doomsday don’t stress out about it because it’s completely out of our control.


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