Literary Agency Number 2

I just sent Jenny Mac off to its second agency via email this time around, and I’m not quite sure why but I’m even more nervous about it getting mixed into a slush pile sending it via email.

I don’t why that would make me nervous you’ve got a chance of it every time you send it in regardless.

Well I’ve got up to a six to eight week waiting period to see if I get a response or not so we’ll see.

Definitely hoping for a response.


15 thoughts on “Literary Agency Number 2

  1. Submitting a manuscript is always scary!!! I have a lot of friends that got into self publishing in order to get their stories out there. An idea is to publish through digital media and retain your rights for print. Some agencies will allow you to go through them for print while you maintain your rights for digital media.

    That and publishing digitally can get you out there on Kindle, Nook, iRead, Kobo and the other big reading tablets with a pretty quick turn around. I’m working to finish a mystery novel myself and plan to publish digitally and perhaps do print to order through amazon.. just a few thoughts!

    Either way, I look forward to hearing how it goes!

    Good luck!

    Kitty G.


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