I love

I wrote this song on Friday afternoon after being inspired by my favorite country music singer Reba McEntire, and I’m really excited about this song because it’s the first country song I’ve written. This song also has a very strong message of love when a couple finds out that their better half has been diagnosed with cancer, within the message the lover pours out their heart and promises to stick by her girl no matter what the outcome.

So without further ado here’s I love



(Chorus Ooo, I love the way you smile.

I love the way you shine.

I love how you put heart right on the line and speak your mind.)

Well now baby you give all of who you are, and you’re always so kind.

It makes me stop and wonder do you know how glad I am that your mine?

Ever since I met you, you were always giving to anyone and everyone who needed a helping hand.

Whoa, and so now I wanna do the same.

I know things have been rough, yes I know things have been tough, but for you I’ll do everything I can to make you one of the survivors.

I’ll be there when you need a hand to lift you right back up, if you should stumble.

I’ll be right by your side during those hard nights.

Oh and if I could I’d trade places with you, so that you wouldn’t have to go through the pain.

Because you gave me your love, and you trusted me with your heart, so girl I will do whatever it takes to make these dark days go away.

(Chorus I love to see that smile.

Did you know that when you smile girl you light up the room.

I love


How much you give and expect nothing in return.

I love


The sound of your voice, to hear when I come home it’s always a joy.

I love


those beautiful brown eyes.)

Oh and baby I promise to never let them lose their light.

Right now you’re stuck in bed, but I’m here sitting next to you, and I know that you’re worried about the road ahead.

But I’ll be right there with you with every bump and every step of the way.

Cause baby you’re my world, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you through to the other side, and see that smile light up again.

(Chorus I love everything you are.

I love



Oh baby no matter what I want you to know…


I love you.)


7 thoughts on “I love

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      P.S. I’m glad that you enjoyed my song. 🙂


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