To the Newtown Community

After hearing about the horrific elementary school shooting I wanted write something for the community of Newtown CT and for all of the families affected.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time especially for the up coming holidays I’m so sorry for your loss and I can’t even imagine what all of you parents and families are going through.

What really bothers me though is that those kids were just beginning to live and starting out in their lives.

This is a day that should’ve never happened.

I only hope now that all schools in everywhere will see this and re-evaluate their policies and guidelines.

We need to protect the children and make sure that the schools are a safe environment for all.

Have we learned nothing from Columbine?


13 thoughts on “To the Newtown Community

  1. This was a horrific tragedy, but I will say that almost all the schools that I know of do have an Emergency Plan…. many have the door buzzer system too with cameras outside so they can see your face before you are buzzed in. A lot of the news reported apparently has been misreported in their attempt to get the news out…. however, at this point I don’t think anyone knows if his mother taught there or volunteered there, but the point is…. that when someone wants to get in, they will. I’ve heard he broke the glass window to get in, but if their glass was like ours it was double reinforced with screen in the middle. Apparently this boy had some type of mental disorder… he may or may not have stopped his meds. I know that sometimes that is the problem. That is how my mother’s best friend was killed by her own son while he was trying to shoot his step-brother who was in a wheel chair. The shooter had stopped taking his medication… People need to be educated on just how vital it is to stay on that medication. They begin to feel better and think they are fine and stop… It’s tragic. These families are all in my prayers. ❤


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