Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

wonderful-readership-awardWow this is a new award that I’ve never come across until now and I would like to give a HUGE thank you to fellow blogger http://fitnessandfunatfifty.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for this award.

Thank you, Thank you it’s a real honor. 🙂

Now for every award comes the rules so I need you to know that there is only one rule; however it is a crucial that you READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

Again these instructions are very IMPORTANT so you must read them very carefully in order to accept this award.

The instruction is… To nominate 14 other bloggers.

I had you going there for a minute didn’t I 😉 Hehe


1 http://loveworklive.wordpress.com/

2 http://suryanshpradhan.wordpress.com/

3 http://hikingphoto.com/

4 http://brandy28655.wordpress.com/

5 http://iwontbequiet.wordpress.com/

6 http://stsahm.wordpress.com/

7 http://grits867.wordpress.com/

8 http://mixitupandmakeitnice.wordpress.com/

9 http://squibleysfictionaddiction.wordpress.com/

10 http://stuffitellmysister.me/

11 http://nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com/

12 http://themousessoapbox.wordpress.com/

13 http://adrianhoran.wordpress.com/

14 http://campfireshadows.com/

Congrats to all of my nominees!!!


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