Moving right along

So I’m in the mist of the final edit for my book before I send it off in January, and I’m delighted to say that I’m moving right along as I scheduled.

I would like to thank all of my fellow bloggers for leaving me so many comments about little tricks that I could use while editing. I tried most of them and I’d say that it worked out well.

Now I’m currently in the process of going over all of my notes and I’m fixing  every little mistake on my computer and I’m hoping to finish it all up today, or possibly tomorrow it I can’t finish it all by tonight.

My next step would be to completely re-write my synopsis and that may take some time to do, but maybe I’ll get lucky and whatever I want to write for it will just come pouring out of me like faucet.

After the synopsis is finished I just have to worry about the Query Letter and there are just a couple kinks there that I have to fix.

Once this is all completed and done to my satisfaction Jenny Mac  will be shipped of to its first agency and by then I’ll probably be wreck but it has to be done, no matter how terrified I may be.


12 thoughts on “Moving right along

    1. Sure I would be delighted to.
      1 Read your book out loud while your editing this helps you catch any mistake like say any missing words.
      2 Read it backwards to make sure that everything makes sense.
      3 If you plan on sending your book into agencies make sure not you have a lot of “saids” because the agent can usually tell who’s talking.
      I hope these tips are helpful for you.
      Good luck with your novels 🙂


      1. Thanks Chelsea, will take those points on board, got a publisher who wants to publish some of my novels but I also love self-publishing. Guess I’ll be doing it together like that, wish you the best on your novel. Cheers-:)


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