The Memorial Service

Yesterday I attended a memorial service for my grandmother in Kennebunk Port Maine and I met a lot of the Brown side of my family for the very first time. When I walked into the room it was completely insane I swear I was in a room where all of the women looked like me.

It felt like I was walking into a room full of Chelsea’s young and old in a way it’s kinda like seeing myself in different lights; Chelsea the PhD, Chelsea the architect, Chelsea the dean of a college, Chelsea the mother and if my cousin Kate were there Chelsea the photographer.

It was very trippy because growing up I had my mother who I do look like bit and a step-father whom needless to looked nothing like me.

So as you can imagine meeting the other half of your family whom you look like to a T but was never aware of the lookalike similarities was pretty freaky.

I had this random thought after it was all over and I was relaxing at home that if my friends had been there they would have said and I quote “Holly crap look at all of the Chelsea’s.”

So the service went well and I was able to say my goodbyes to my grandmother, and I also heard a lot of different stories about my grandma, and you know something I had no idea that she was so funny. Come to think of it perhaps that’s where I get it from. Hehe

Yes yesterday went well which kinda surprised me a bit I guess because I was expecting a little drama.

Nothing of the sort though, just a room full of Chelsea’s.


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