I’ve been wanting to put this song up for a while, but I was really nervous to because this song is very, very personal and it comes from deep down in my heart.

It also comes from an extremely dark time in my life. Victimized is a song that talks about child molestation and it carries a very strong message of overcoming all of the abuse that you’re going through. I’m putting this song up today to hopefully help children who are going through this; as well as adults who are dealing with the aftermath. The message that I’m trying to convey throughout the song is that it isn’t your fault that this is happening to you, so don’t blame yourself.

This is going to be a two-part of today and tomorrow. Tomorrow for my third episode of Three Crazies and a Writer I’m going to post a very personal video of victims of child molestation.

Child molestation is something that I’ve always said I would help try to stop, but I could use a little help spreading my message so if there’s any bloggers out there who read this song a you like it please help spread the message.




Easily manipulated.

That’s always how you make me feel, and I know that’s always what you think.

Every time you’d touch me.

Oh every time you’d come near me.

Was like a dagger piercing through my heart.

Now I can’t take it.

(Cause the pain is too excruciating.)

I can’t keep this bottled up inside.

(No I can’t just run and hide.)

(Chorus cause I’ve been victimized.)

Oh, and I know this may hurt me now, and I know this will always be in the back of my mind.

But at least I’m not the one who committed the crime.

At least I’ll never have to be the one, who has to live with what you did.

(I’ll bet it sucks to be you.)

I’ll bet you hate it when people look at you.

(Cause you know that they see what I’ve always known.)

You’re a jerk, a total creeper.

And now I’ve put it down on paper.

But there’s something that I’ve always wanted to ask you.

(Chorus do you know what it’s like to be a victim?

Do you know how it feels, or what it’s like to have your life torn apart?)

Have you ever had to pick up the pieces?

I doubt it.

Have you ever lost all of your trust in someone who was like a brother to you?



Now that everything’s been said and done, at least I’m not totally crazy, sick, twisted, demented.

At least I’m not like you.

Oh, because…

(Repeat chorus every time you came near me.

Every time you would touch.

All of the times you hurt me.)

(Never again.)

Whoa, never again will I be…

(I’m never going to letting you hurt me.)

(Repeat chorus never again will I play the victim in your sick and twisted games.

I’ll never trust you cause I know it’s all lies.

Never again will I be…


11 thoughts on “Victimized

  1. Thank you for posting this. I really like the sense I get of your regaining your power through writing this. I first started writing as a means to help me heal as well so I understand the courage this took share something so personal. I sometimes think the shame and silence that follows the abuse is almost as traumatic as the abuse itself. This is a good way to let others they are not alone and to the put the blame where it belongs. Thanks again! 🙂


  2. Sorrows get lesser with sharing, for each one takes a bit as they listen, and when they hug you back with kind words..maybe a little but it does make pain less. I hope 🙂


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