Seven things that inspire me to write

On Friday I mentioned that I was having trouble with writer’s block, so a fellow blogger commented on my post it’s Friday. She said that she came up with a post that she wanted to pass on to other bloggers; it was about writing things that you love that inspires you to write. Naturally I said that I would try it, so here we go.

I was able to come up with seven things.

1 Books

If I read a good book it sets my imagination loose.

2 Movies

When I watch a movie especially movies with a lot of action or gadgets it helps me come with new ideas for my second Jenny Mac book; which I absolutely love.

3 Inspirational stories

When I hear a story that is so inspirational it inspires me to write blogs post about it.

4 Music

I am songwriter so in order for me to come up with a good song I have to listen to music a lot of music.

5 Love

When I’m writing love songs I either have to be in love, or I have to think about my ideas of love.

6 Children

I know that I don’t write about kids very often unless you include my fictional kids in my book, or my niece and nephews. However you will be seeing a video about trying to help children and also a new song that I will also be posting sometime this week to also help kids.

Without children I don’t think that I would be half of the person I am.

7 Friends & Family

My friends and family are the key to my writing and they’re also the backbone to my writing and they inspire me every day.

Those are the seven things that I love that inspire me to write and now I have a question for you what do you love that inspires you to write?

Let me know, leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

33 thoughts on “Seven things that inspire me to write

  1. I write for kids, so picture books inspire me, and seeing kids at the park or in classrooms that I visit. I’m also inspired by cute names, clothes with writing on them, the toy store, the pet store, hula hoops, the laundromat, …. yup – pretty much anything.


  2. Yes! Love this! All of the above inspire me as well as nature, travel, and just crazy life experiences in general. I am trying to figure out a productive way to write everyday and complete a novel asap. Any tips or techniques you suggest?


    1. Hmm well if you’re character or characters are say going on a camping trip you can describe what one of your favorite camp grounds are and just put it in with your book. As for the crazyness of life you could put in a background story with a character like say you have a funny story from your life that you want to put into your story; you can just make it apart of that character’s life story.
      I hope that these tips have been helpful for you.


  3. I end up being inspired and want to write in situations where I can’t write. It’s like my brain sits in idle and then when it notices that I’m at work and can’t take time out to write, all the ideas that were just out of reach pop into my head. I end up writing little notes on scrapes of paper and then go back and think what was I thinking?


  4. Great blog. I’m a new reader and only just got into blogging myself. For me, what inspires me are dreams and people I observe on the streets. It’s something I can’t control or preempt myself about. So I just allow this open frame of mind, all the time, to allow ideas from them to stream in. 🙂


  5. I get inspiration from the weirdest of places. Usually I’ll be doing something and think of one sentence that sounds like it would be good on paper, and then I try to write around it. A weird process, to be sure, but it works for me. 🙂

    Love your stuff.


  6. Reading a good book usually gets my creative juices flowing. Sometimes it can be an article or a blog or even something I see when shopping for groceries. I think sometimes writer’s block can be caused by having too much on our mind that tends to keep us from seeing the world around us. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I derive inspiration to write from my own experiences and the experiences of people like you, Chelsea. You are inspirational. I am nominating you via this blog post to the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” Check details here 🙂


  8. What inspires me are not only things I LOVE.

    1–Top inspiration to write: ANGER at injustice
    2–Memories and insights they might bring
    4–Music, fiction, movies, poetry
    5–People: friends, family, relationships past and present, good and bad
    7–Pain esp. children’s pain
    10–Death, afterlife, reincarnation, etc.

    Except for #1 these aren’t in any particular order. And I think #1 permeates all the rest.


  9. It’s great to know your thoughts about writing. For me, I just write about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s easy, sometimes it really gets tough. But if I really like the subject, I can’t stop getting it off from my head even in the middle of the night. But still there are a lot of ideas coming. 🙂


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