From a negative to a positive

There are a lot of times in life that you have the opportunity to take a total negative and flip it upside down, and turn it into a positive.

This happened in my life when I was Fourteen.

It was autumn 2004 and I had just started back at school when I found out that my father was cheating on my mother Shortly after I found that my father was cheating was when he came clean to my mother, and moved out to be with his girlfriend.

What a way to begin a new school year huh?

My father was gone for a month when he decided that he wanted to give the relationship between himself and my mother another try, so he moved back in. But little did my mother and I know after my father moved back in he continued seeing his girlfriend behind my mother’s back. So as you can imagine there was quite a bit of drama and a lot of fighting going on for several months.

In April 2005 my mother finally had enough so she and I moved into a townhouse on the other side of town; while my father enjoyed being a bachelor.

In May 2005 my head was spinning from trying to process the past several months of my father cheating, and now living with only one parent. I needed a way to let my frustrations out; although I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do it.

June 2005 was when a started Jenny Mac and while I was writing the book I was able to get all of the anger, confusion and my frustrations towards my father, and this new lifestyle. My writing gave me something else as well, writing gave me a way to release everything that bothers me, and a way to let go.

It also made me look at writing as not only a release, but also a career.

When I first started writing Jenny I just did it for fun, but by the time I finished writing the story in the beginning I knew that this was going to be the start of an amazing journey, and an amazing career one day.

I owe it all to my parents splitting up because without them splitting up I would’ve never become a writer.

So if you have something that’s a total negative in your life and you think that there’s no way to make it better; just wait and see you never know how your negative can transform into a positive.


19 thoughts on “From a negative to a positive

  1. Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment you made by turning such a hurtful incident into a positive, writing. Thank you for sharing your story and for CHOOSING to see the positive in this matter, with a bit of reflection.

    I too decided to turn a negative into a positive. I had a brain tumor last year.
    It disrupted, no crumbled, my life. You can read about it on my blog under ABOUT ME.

    I decided that something positive had to come out of such a trial. I chose to create a blog to encourage others facing a brain tumor or trying to recover from brain surgery. I am now a stronger, wiser, more appreciative, braver woman making the most of every day.


    1. Thank you and I’ve read your about me very inspirational stuff, and you’re definitely a very strong woman. I don’t think that if I were in your situation I that would be able to be that couragous.
      Cheers to you 🙂


  2. That’s right… we don’t always understand why things happen as they do. Sometimes we even rail again them not going the way we wanted, but it almost always turns out that there is some hidden reason further down the road… Very good blog! 😀


  3. Continue on your journey looking BEYOND, Chelsea. I’m proud to become acquainted. I like people who don’t wallow, but tell their stories in whatever way is best for them to tell it. Allow the energy to flow through you, always looking forward. That’s what makes you the strong, capable woman you are. I look forward to watching you on your continued journey to greatness! Coral


  4. I like this Chelsea. I have also found that many of my darkest moments when viewed later were just starting points. It’s amazing how the very things we think might break us, make us stronger and enhance our creativity when we analyze them. However, the best mistakes or trials that we have, are the ones that we learn from and grow from. I think it’s possible to be traumatized and not learn. I see so many broken people walking around wounded that don’t move forward. Good for you that you are not one of those.


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