Hit the floor

This song has been sitting in my iPod notepad forever and I finally finished it last night. I’m very pleased with this song even though it took me months to write it. I’m excited about this song in particular because it’s my first R&B/HipHop song, so I hope you enjoy it.

Out at the clubs lookin’ for a little love

Lookin’ to have some fun.

Lookin’ round the club when you catch my eye.

Damn you fine.

Damn you sexy.

I see you sippin’ on a little rum and coke.

From what I can see you like your girl like your liquor, strong and sweet.

Girl I got ya covered.

So take my hand, come with me and…

(Chorus hit the floor.)

You know I wanna see you shake that ass.

Turn around and let me smack that ass.

You know I’mma be the one to sweep you off your feet.

It’ll be like first I’ll dance you then the next thing you know I’mma be romancing you.

(Cause you know girl.

It’s just how I do.)

This is just a side effect.

(Cause girl once you.)

Hit the dance floor with me it’s like I’m your drug, and y’all know what I mean.

(Cause it’s just what happens when I hit the scene.)

Damn I’m lovin’ the way you move your body.

I swear you’re making me wanna scream.


I wanna make this more than just a thing.

Girl I wanna make you my queen.

I’m so glad you hit the scene.


(Chorus that’s what happened when she hit the floor with me.)


9 thoughts on “Hit the floor

  1. Come dance with me..on the floor
    and close that door..:)
    when you get close..so close
    touch my lips and smack it….
    🙂 thats a reaction only !


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