I still see it, my fantasy of you and me.

Dreamin’ of what life would be like once I finally had you.

How happy we would be.

How great everything would feel because I…

(Would no longer have go through life alone.)

I still see every kiss between you and me.

I still see you chasing after me and you just being silly.

Oh yes I can see just how happy you would’ve been with me.

(Chorus but now you’re my biggest regret.)

Cause you see I could still have you now.

(Just sitting right next to me.)

Right next to me

But when I screwed up everything we once had that’s when everything between you and I flew away.


So that’s why you’ll always be…

(You’ll always be.)

(Chorus my biggest regret.

Oh how I regret that I just let you slip.

I regret putting everything before you.

(When you should’ve been on the top of my list)

All of the lies

(All of the lies)

All of the excuses

(All of the excuses)

I regret.)

Cause ya see honey you were the best thing.

The brightest light

(The brightest light)

That ever walked into my life.

Oh and I… I should’ve kept you by my side.

Cause I still see the fantasy

All of the love, the hugs, the kisses and now look at all that I’m missing.

(Chorus I’ll never forget it but baby ask me if I regret it.)

I pushed you away, I shut you out and I threw everything we had away.

(Why oh why did I have to push you away?)

That was my biggest mistake and baby I’ll always…

(I’ll always)

Regret that day.)

Cause that was the day that you…

You walked away.


8 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Awe. As a hopeless romantic this was heart breaking to read. Very soulful song.
    ( P.s. Thanks for the like on my recent blog post! I popped over to return the favor in kind. Peeked around and you have such a silly personality. Congrats on all the progress you made with your blog and best of luck on your journey to eventually publish your book!)


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