My Thirty Day Moving Experience (Part Two)

It’s funny what happens when you’re tired and also when you’re extremely clumsy by the end of this move I NEVER wanted to see another Pensky moving truck again.

After five days of moving heavy furniture and many delays because of the weather conditions we took it easy for a few days. After resting for a few days I got back to work on the sequel to Jenny Mac; while my sister went back to work, and my mother enjoyed her care free retirement.

That night my sister received some good news from our new landlord he left a message on my sister’s phone saying that the apartment would be vacant by Friday the 9th instead of Wednesday the 14th; which also meant that we needed to make sure that we had all of our money ready to give to our new landlord. My sister and I were accounted for, but my mother was going to be short so this of course meant that we needed to deposit some money into my mother’s account, which also meant that we needed to take a trip up to Hartford Connecticut to put money into my mother’s account. You’re probably wondering why we would go all the way to Connecticut right?

Well we moved from Colorado to Massachusetts a year and a half ago, but my mother still has yet to switch to a local and more convenient bank. So Wednesday the 7th my mother and I were going to drive out to Connecticut to put money into her bank.

Day 6

Wednesday morning we got up early and dropped my sister off at work, and then made our way to Hartford Connecticut. After an hour had passed since we got onto the Interstate we got off of the exit for Hartford, and began to look for the bank. We figured it would be easy because the bank location was just off of Main Street well that’s what we get for assuming. For two hours we went around in circles from the interstate turnoff and around Main Street. It was after the second hour had gone by that I finally called the branch to get some directions because our directions that we got from map quest weren’t working. By the time I finally got passed the automated system and reached an actual human being I couldn’t understand a word she was saying, so we wandered around Main Street and decided to take what we thought was a side street it actually turned out to be the other side of Main Street. Finally we found the bank, and deposited the money and headed back to my ex-brother in-laws house. We got a little turned around on the way home, but we made it back six hours later.

For the next couple of days we relaxed and took it easy before yet another exhausting move. The day before the move into the new apartment I reserved the largest moving truck they had to make sure that we could get everything in one sweep. That night we all got plenty of rest and prepared for tomorrow.

Day 7

We got up early and went to go pick up the large moving truck, and my mother yet again drove the moving truck. She did pretty well except for going over a curb and nearly backing into a car. First we drove over to Wales and picked up the remaining things that we stored in the barn. Next we headed over to the storage locker.

Everything was going alright for the first few hours the storage locker was half emptied and the truck was filling up. Everything was fine until I fell out of the moving truck. Luckily I landed on my feet after falling backwards out of the moving truck. But because the drop out of the moving truck was a good four feet ten inch drop I wound up spraining my left foot and my right ankle leaving my mother and sister to finish loading the truck.

They finished up around 7:30 that night then we drove the truck to our new apartment in Worcester, and then left in our car to go grab our things and pets from my ex-brother in-laws.

Once we got back to our new place in Worcester we fell asleep on the floor.

Then it took us three days to finish unloading the truck because of the lack of help and the injuries I obtained while loading the truck.

Two weeks later we had to rent of yet another truck because we ran out of room in the large truck to finish loading up the other storage locker we rented thankfully we had help with the last move.

So in the end we used up four moving trucks, two storage lockers, got lost in Hartford Connecticut for six hours, and had a couple bad sprains. Let me close with a few hints for your next move.

Hints: Make sure that you have a large enough truck, Change banks after moving to a new state, Make sure the weather conditions are good, Make sure that you have plenty of help, and finally NEVER fall out of a moving truck.


28 thoughts on “My Thirty Day Moving Experience (Part Two)

  1. I must say, the first part was more or less with less physical traumas but the second part..I have my full sympathies for truck to get over the curb and when you alarmed it by that jump.I must say, safety measures are always inspired with very common incidents..and this may prove to invent a belt that can hold someone like you..from alarming the new neighbourhood..and one last thing..if you want we can arrange an orientation to load and unload..safely for future shiftings..if any need arise.. All the best. I congratulate you on this most enlightening episode of shifting, that has resulted in re-establishing relationships, in a totally different aspect..pulling in ex- all the time is really heart felt.


    1. Thank you so much I certainly hope that I’ve give people who are moving some helpful tips, and hopefully they’ll be cautious whenever loading up the truck.


      1. You have told us many lessons..let me list a few
        1. Always share..episodes in parts, so that readers can absorb within their capacity.
        2. Try to inspire others into learning how to drive.
        3. Moving maybe tiring but relating it is interesting.
        4. Allow makes others feel your experience as your very own.


      2. No not all at all I meant what I said I didn’t mean for it to sound sarcastic or anything.
        I am happy to hear about your observations. 🙂


  2. Sounds like you had a crazy moving experience! I am not looking forward to moving in with my fiance when we are married, his stuff plus my stuff plus a new town. Not going to be awesome at all


  3. Oh my goodness, I hope you are okay!

    We’ve done a bit of moving since coming back to California, but most of it has been helping our kids. One time the truck was so full, my sister inherited the vacuum, simply no place to put it. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but feels so good when it’s done! (And sleep has been found…)


  4. wow, moving… the story of my life lately 🙂 Moved twice half across the globe in the past 2 years, with kids, furniture and all the 9 yards 🙂 Jenny, what is your book about? I could not find any “about” section or any description of the book you are writing. Would be nice to read about it. Thank you.


    1. Yikes and I thought my move was difficult. My book is about a thirteen year old girl who loses her parents in a tragic car accident. Afterward she is sent to live with her godmother and after a few weeks of getting settled into her new life her godmother meets this man. Jenny has a bad feeling about him right away and shortly after meeting this man Jenny begins to have visions of this mam plotting to murder her godmother. Jenny then realizes that in order to save her godmother she must connect each vision in order to save her godmother from a terrible fate.
      I hope that I’ve intrigued your interest. If I have you can go into my archives starting back in april and catch up on what you’ve missed, and just so you know you can also check out my blog every tuesday to get the next piece of the story.


  5. I hope you’re liking your new home! I grew up maybe 30 minutes from “Woostah” in Killingly CT (which you probably drove through on your way to Hartford). I’m sure the trees are fantastic right about now! I MISS CONNECTICUT!!!!! By the way, thanks for liking my posts! If you’d like, I’d be glad to send you my three short stories (two were previously published and one won an award, so I think they’re pretty good). Let me know if you’d like a copy!


  6. Gee, and all I did was move from California to the south of France…
    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I am glad you found something you enjoyed. Bon courage et bon chance!


  7. Wanted to say thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag and found your wonderful site! Your 30 day move sounds like it added a lot to your life experience. Perhaps it is true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Lol, I hope you re settling comfortably into your new place. If it’s any comfort, every move has its story, some good, some bad, most. Mix of the two. I’ve done three cross-country moves, with kids, pets and two vehicles. It’s always an adventure. Thanks again for stopping by; come back and see us again soon. Meanwhile, happy writing.


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