My Thirty Day Moving Experience (Part One)

As some of you may already know I moved from the small town of Wales Ma to the big city of Worcester Ma. I know what you thinking from reading the title how could a simple move from one town to a city in the same state possibly take 30 days? Well let’s just say that my family is very gifted.

Just an fyi I wrote this post when I first post put up my and now I’m re-posting it.

I just recently moved from the small town of Wales, Ma into the big city of Worcester, Ma, and it’s funny you’d think with a move like that it would only take maybe three or four days tops.

Right? Wrong!!!

During this move I endured a lot of agony, anger, depression, and finally excitement and happiness.

It started a couple of days before our scheduled move my sister needed my financial assistance to help her pay for the real-estate agent’s fees, and then later that day I also rented out a storage space because our new apartment wasn’t going to be vacant until the 14th of March. We also rented out the first truck for our move.

Next we needed to drive the moving truck from Oxford, Ma over to Wales, Ma, and it was my mother’s responsibility to drive the truck which would’ve been fine however (It was my mother’s first time actually driving a moving truck.) I must say though she did very well with the first truck.

Once we got it back to Wales we planned to start packing it right away; because there was supposed to be a big snow storm coming in first thing in the morning. So my sister went over to her boyfriend’s house to gather the reinforcements while I began loading up the truck. Three hours later I finished loading up the truck with all of the small stuff. But my sister and her reinforcements were nowhere to be found, so I did what any annoyed sister would do confronted my sister by text message telling her that we need to get this move going because of the snow storm coming in, and we also needed to be out by the 1st of March, and it was already the 28th.

My sister replied to my text by saying don’t worry we have plenty of time there’s no need to start freaking out yet. About two minutes later she texted me saying that she was going to be spending the night of over there. Which in my sister’s language meant; “I’m going to be spending the night over there and I won’t be home until three the next afternoon.”

Day 2

Surprisingly my sister came home around 8:30 and the Salvation Army arrived shortly after my sister. We managed to downsize quite a bit so that we weren’t going to be cramped in our new apartment. But unfortunately we still had a long way to go not mention the snow storm was already pounding us down.

Another unfortunate turn of events from the previous night; my sister got into a huge fight with her boyfriend which now meant our reinforcement had gone AWOL. So my mother, my sister, and I loaded the truck as best we could; but had to call it quits in the late afternoon because of the snow.

HINT: It’s best to NOT load heavy furniture onto a moving truck with a slippery loading ramp.

Also when preparing for a move check the weather conditions and make sure that your helpers don’t go AWOL.

Day 3

My sister and her boyfriend made peace then my sister went to grab him. Unfortunately on their way back they had car trouble because of the bad snow storm that was still coming down on day three, and they had to wait until the next morning to make their way back to Wales.

Day 4

My sister and her reinforcements finally made it to Wales and we were finally able to pack up most of our stuff, and take it over to our storage locker. Then it was off to stay at my sister’s ex-husband’s house for the next couple of weeks.

Day 5

We had to rent another moving truck because the first one we used was too small, and we had to go back to Wales and pick up the rest of our remaining furniture and boxes with the second moving truck. Once we filled up that truck we realized something we have far too much s**t, and we still had a few items left in the house.

Fortunately we were able to store the remains of our things in the barn that our former landlords own. We took everything else that we were able to put into the second moving truck and put it onto another storage space we rented out. That night we collapsed onto to my ex- brother in-laws couches and fell asleep.

Part two coming soon!


9 thoughts on “My Thirty Day Moving Experience (Part One)

  1. Part -one ..let me conclude..two main points. Do not overestimate sister’s potentials or your mother’s., they are your family but not movers & packers, that has ex has unexpectedly come into rescue, but life does revolve around your sister, it seems. Women in power..i personally like that, because I am a sister. LAstly, whats your role other than delegating other’s to work !!


    1. Whoa okay just so you know all of that was a joke I do appreciate and love my mother and sister. All of that was me kind of joking about the move; because it was so rocky it wasn’t a personal attack.


  2. Wow, moving is already so stressful to begin with, but 30 days? You must handle stress well 🙂 or you have a great sense of humour, I opt for the latter. I look forward to reading part two.


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