New Style

As promised today I changed my hairstyle, so please share your thoughts.

I’ll do sort of a before and after thing. πŸ™‚


53 thoughts on “New Style

  1. blonde is a continual continuation
    a real pleasure !!!
    THANKS for all the “likes”
    you were in a recent dream
    you kept trying to get me to look at your photograph in national geographic
    there were dogs barking in the background
    i could smell an old chair
    we both held a piece of paper with the word “astuteness” written on it
    i thought you were more crafty than me


  2. Being a guy, I must add, “Did you really change your hair style? Didn’t really notice it, but I did notice you’re rearranged the room. Looks great. I especially like the little basket, nice touch.”


  3. Just wanted you to know I love the new hair style. I thought I commented last night on how great it looks, but I guess I forgot to hit the send button. πŸ˜€ It looks really, really cute. A whole new you!


    1. Thanks I was trying to find a good color and I kinda do have his color. Although that wasn’t what I thought it would look like when it was being colored, but whatever I like it.


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