My Dream Interview

Yesterday I was inspired by a fellow blogger’s post Mr. Trent Lewin at

Trent wrote this hysterical post of himself being interviewed, and I liked his awesome idea so much that I thought that I might put up my own interview post.

For those of you who don’t know I am a BIG Ellen DeGeneres fan, so I thought I would write about how I would think being interviewed by her would go.

Let’s see what happens shall we…

Ellen: My first guest got her start blogging on and since then has gone on to publish her first YA book Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets. Please welcome Chelsea Brown.

(I come out from backstage dancing like a fool and sit-down while the audience applauds.)

Ellen: Hi!

Me: Hi Ellen, wow I can’t believe I’m on your show.

Ellen: Me either it’s great to have you here.

Me: Well it’s great to be here.

Ellen: So you got your start blogging on

Me: Yes I did.

Ellen: And what made you decide to start blogging?

Me: Well at the time I was trying to get my book out there and gain a fan base before I sent the book into agencies.

Ellen: And why was that?

Me: It was suggested in The Writer’s Market 2012 edition that if you have your book out there and you actually have a fan base, that it would really help a new/unpublished writer get their work published; because publishers are really looking for people who could sell their work.

Ellen: Really wow well you certainly succeeded; because you have around 2,000 followers now is that correct?

Me: Actually since the book has been published and since I’ve had a fair amount of interviews it seems to grow larger on a daily basis.

Ellen: So how many followers to do you have now?

Me: Umm, around 4,000.

Ellen: (Whistles) WOW that’s amazing.

Me: Yes it is.

Ellen: Wow you have all of this going career wise and you’re only fifteen.

Me: Yes and I’m only- Hey wait a minute, uh Ellen I’m not fifteen.

Ellen: You’re not! Well then you’re sixteen?

Me: No actually I’m twenty-two.

Ellen: (Jaw drops) Really Chelsea? You look like you’re fifteen.

Me: Uh nope that was several years back. (Audience laughs.)

Ellen: Okay then well my apologies. Tell us about your book.

Me: Well it’s about a thirteen year old girl who loses her parents in this tragic car accident where-

(Ellen stares at me like she’s interrogating me.)

Me: Umm, Ellen?

Ellen: I’m sorry Chelsea, but I just can’t believe that you’re twenty-two can I see some ID?

(Audience laughs.)

Me: Wow I didn’t realize that I walked into a bar.

(Audience laughs as I pull out my wallet.)

Me: Here you go.

(Ellen examines it closely.)

Ellen: What’s your birth date?

Me: (Rolling my eyes.) July 19th 1990.

Ellen: (Unconvinced) Hmm what’s your sign?

Me: (Looking at Ellen awkwardly.) Uh, I’m a cancer.

Ellen: Okay so it’s a fake ID is your mother aware that you have this?

(Audience laughs)

Me: (Shocked.) It’s not a fake ID.

(Audience laughs)

Ellen: Sure it isn’t.

Me: It isn’t.

Ellen: Let’s get back to the book.

Me: Alright, it’s about a thirteen year old girl who loses her parents in a tragic car accident. After which she is sent to live with her godmother. After a few weeks of getting settled into her new life her godmother meets this man, and shortly after meeting him Jenny begins to have these visions of this man murdering her godmother. Jenny then realizes that she must connect each vision in order to save her godmother from a terrible fate.

Ellen: Wow that sounds great when did first start writing the book?

Me: Fourteen.

Ellen: Oh so a year ago.

(Audience laughs as I roll my eyes and go with it.)

Me: Yeah that’d be about right.

Ellen: Wow thank you Chelsea so much for joining us. You can find Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets in stores and book stores everywhere. Everyone in the audience is going home with a copy.

We’ll be right back.

(Audience applauds)

39 thoughts on “My Dream Interview

  1. This was funny and fun to read. I’ve never thought about doing something like this. I might have George Steppinofthebus from Good Morning America interview me. I should learn how to spell his last name if I did that. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love the interview idea and you did a great job with it. What a great way to give your followers an insight into Chelsea Brown 🙂 Awesome post! And thanks for checking out my blog.


  3. This is a great idea…glad I stopped by today! I wrote up a mock interview with two vice presidents of a company where I used to work and sent it for their review…hoo boy! One said I didn’t have enough to do, ha! Thanks for liking my blog, too — only Day 2 of the whole year, so we’ll see how it goes. Cheers!


  4. Aww, I loved this! I totally felt like I was in the audience and was cracking up! Ellen would be crazy to not have you on her stage. 🙂


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